I’ve moved again!

29 07 2020

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I’ve moved!

27 07 2020

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Brunch, Sissy and garden drinks encore

26 07 2020

1. Breakfast and lunch bring: panic from D over the ‘monster’ on her cereal bowl, Swedish waffles from Isla with strawberries from the garden, and a lovely sparkly heart from her for my purse.

2. We manage to get a slot at the NT Sissinghurst garden. I do love it there and there is always something new to see.

3. Another garden drinks. It’s so lovely to see people I haven’t seen for ages and ages.

1. Party bling, waterfall and s’mores

25 07 2020

1. I makes a lovely necklace at her mate’s birthday party. Today is a spots on spots kind of day.

2. Raining for our lunch date but who cares when they have a sail to cover the decking, a patio heater and a pole to release the rain in an amazing waterfall.

3. Men make fire while kids make s’mores. K perfects the warrior pose as a toasting technique.

Shelf, Standen and drinks

24 07 2020

1. I has painted the shelf she made at Forest school holiday club and proudly put it to good use already.

2. We get a slot at Standen National Trust so we leap on it.

3. Evening garden drinks down the road- lovely.

Hurst walk, meadow brown and drinks

23 07 2020

1. While the girls are otherwise engaged, Mat and I venture out for a walk in the woods. Yes I did make him pose!

2. On the way home we spot a meadow brown. I am loving all the new butterflies I’m discovering at the moment.

3. Drinks with local pals.

Shop, gatekeeper and light

22 07 2020

1. To Bluewater with D for a few things. We have a scone and drink in the M&S cafe, just like I used to with Mum. It’s lovely to spend time just the two of us.

2. Another day another butterfly spot. This time I spy a gatekeeper. I’ve never seen one before and only recognise it from the Big Butterfly Count sheet.

3. The scaffolding comes down at the front of the house and suddenly the whole place seems so much lighter.

Holiday club, sempervivum and swim moms

21 07 2020

1. I and K are doing forest school holiday club. So lovely to see them in their FS clothes back at the site where K did her pre school. While they are there D and I run a few errands, venturing down Matthew’s Lane – much to our amusement and Mat’s exasperation at our mirth!

2. I pick up a bargain pack of sempervivum at Lidl. It needs gravel to pot it up so I borrow some from Bryony’s, managing to multi task with some WI business over Pimms while the kids ride round on their bikes. Meanwhile I spot an amazing blue butterfly in the garden. Defo one of these but it’s too quick for a photo so I just don’t know. My money’s on the Holly Blue…

3. Swim Moms drinks in Vicky’s garden. The bats are flying, the Prosecco and news is flowing and much cheese is eaten!

Highland coo, Boats and pianoed

20 07 2020

1. My little highland coo has done with school for the year. She has really enjoyed the return to the classroom.

2. A kayak expedition at Bodiam followed by a swim (for the kids!) and lunch at a friend’s house on the way home.

3. Nine months after I started, I have finished the Simply Piano app course, culminating with a (in places Les Dawson) rendition of The Entertainer. Feels good to have done it.

Cordage, fairy playtime and home

19 07 2020

1. Final day of forest school skillz and I learn how to make string or cordage out of nettles – who knew?!

2. It takes me ages to come up with an idea for our final craft project and then I think of the girls and what they might like. 2 hours later and I’ve made an assortment of (slightly wonky) fairy playground things. I take them home to two very happy customers. I’m pretty pleased with my haul of craft items from the past few days.

3. It’s good to be home. Homemade chilli, a glass of wine and a bath awaits.