Cookies, self swinger and out

30 06 2012

1. Yesterday’s oat and mango cookies still taste good with a coffee in the morning.

2. Isla’s legs in the swing go kick kick kick with excitement, forming her own momentum so there’s no need to push.

3. Thanks to some last minute babysitting by Marta, we are able to head up to London for the 40th birthday of one of Mat’s friends.  Like Cinderella we have to be back before midnight but there’s still time for a few drinks and a chat with some interesting people.


End, old friends and kitchen pogo

29 06 2012

1. It’s my last day of maternity leave, Mat’s last day of his PGCE and Doris’ last day at nursery – time for a change all round.

2. Four years on since NCT classes and, even though they don’t see each other very often, it’s lovely to see Doris, Brady and Zach still play together in the park so nicely.

3. Mat and I pick up a girl each and bounce around the kitchen to Kasabian’s ‘Switchblade Smiles’.  Isla in particularly loves being at the same height as everyone else and starts giggling.

Reading, al fresco tea and post-swim burger

28 06 2012

1. While Isla’s asleep at lunchtime and Doris is playing with her doll’s house, I grab half an hour to read some of my book.

2. Doris and Isla enjoy their tea on the picnic blanket out on the lawn.  It makes a bit of a mess but we shake all the crumbs outside.

3. Have been feeling knackered all day but force myself to go swimming and I feel much better when I’ve been.  And the burger I come home to certainly tastes better too…

Taster, plimsolls and tennis

27 06 2012

1. Doris goes into her new ‘big’ school for a taster session.  Despite being very blasé about it up til now, I feel surprisingly nervous as we queue up to meet her teacher. ‘You will come back and get me Mummy won’t you?’ Doris asks as I leave her at the play doh table.  An hour and a half later she bounces out, full of beans.

2. While we were out swimming, a neighbour has hung a bag on the door with two pairs of plimsolls for Doris’ school kit.

3. Watching ‘Today at Wimbledon’ with a plate of spicy chicken couscous and a French beer.

View, beach and rosé

26 06 2012

1. Up early to catch the coach with Mat’s PGCE mates. The sun is shining and the scenery along the coast between Hastings and Ashford is stunning. Isla and I have an uninterrupted view from the front two seats.
2. Who’d have thought Calais would have such a lovely beach? Everyone instinctively runs towards the sea for a paddle and the water is surprisingly warm.
3. A chilled glass or two of rosé in the sun.

Uniform, scenic and bed for the night

25 06 2012

1. At the school shop, we are baffled by the many options and sizes.  We spot a neighbour:  ‘Don’t worry about getting stuff now, I’ll have a rummage and you can have some of our outgrown things.’

2. Driving the scenic route down to Bexhill, winding down rural lanes up and down rolling hills, the colour of the hedgerows, trees and fields so many verdant shades of green.

3. Dinner and a catch up with the Scotts of Bexhill ahead of our 6am coach pick up outside the Viking Fish Bar. Doris is very excited to be sleeping in Rupert’s room and takes ages to get to sleep, even after Rupert has crashed out and is snoring in his bed.

Run, commando and a glimpse of sun

24 06 2012

1. My first run in ages. It’s cloudy but cool, the park is quiet and I manage 35 minutes before coming home to crumpets and a bath.
2. Isla starts commando crawling across the kitchen. One minute she’s on the rug and the next is tugging at a chair leg under the table.
3. It’s close to tea time but the sun is finally out so we rush out to Dunorlan park where Doris and Isla take a turn together on the giant swing. It’s good to feel the sun on my face.