jowls, doze and twinkle

30 09 2012

1. Mat and Doris wobble their ‘jowls’ at the lunch table to make Isla laugh.  She beams and tries to copy them.

2. A post lunch doze while Isla is asleep sets me up for the afternoon.

3. The bargain basement solar powered lanterns Mat picked up in the Asda ‘sale’ at work twinkle like early Christmas lights on the ornamental pear in the garden.  Very cheery.


Almost walker, garden potter and dine in

29 09 2012

1. Isla is so close to walking. She stands bold and confident, ready to take a step but bottles it at the last minute, sinking to the floor and smiling. Any day now…
2. The sun feels warm on my back and face as I potter around the garden, putting out washing, picking raspberries and collecting the green tomatoes for jam. Doris helps dig over the raised bed hunting for worms and Isla eats the raspberries and tried to climb into the veg patch.
3. M&S dine in for a tenner.

Lopped, t’internet and stop out

28 09 2012

1. Our once-every-two-months trip to Annie the hairdresser. The bulk gets lopped off both our heads, Doris gets a lollipop for her trouble and I get charged a mere tenner.
2. The BT engineer arrives. Once he’s fiddled around with a few wires, our broadband speed increases tenfold. Yeahah!
3. A long overdue catch up with friends up the road. ‘I won’t be late as Gemma goes to bed really early,’ I say as I close the door behind me. I stumble through the door later at 1am. Oops.

Breakkie club, giggles and run

27 09 2012

1. Doris’ class’ dinner lady is there at breakfast club to welcome her. On the way to work the theme from the breakfast club film is playing on the radio so i sing along. ‘dooon’t yooo, forget about me. Don’t don’t don’t don’t!’
2. The sound of the girls’ giggles in the car on the way home.
3. I have to cancel my Thursday night run but then it’s back on again. I step reluctantly out of the house into a light drizzle but return half an hour later feeling much better.

Organised, bus laugh and kindness

26 09 2012

1. I manage to get myself organised and make two sets of resources for year 8 in the time it would normally take me to make a cuppa and check my emails. I feel like efficiency personified!
2. Doris pushes Isla along on her yellow bus, which makes her chuckle. She’s been under the weather today so it’s good to hear her laugh.
3. A friend picks Doris up from school and takes her to her swimming class and another friend has been taking Doris to school on my working days. Kindness that makes such a huge difference and for which I am very grateful.

Bath toy, banana bread and espanol!

25 09 2012

1. At swimming, Isla is just like her new birthday wind-up bath toy – her chunky legs start flexing and thrashing with excitement as soon as she hits the water.
2. Doris helps me smush bananas and ‘tests’ the mixture for banana bread BUT she doesn’t like the cooked loaf. Weird, but all the more for Mat and me.
3. The first evening of my Spanish course with Angel and about 15 tunbridge wellians. Como te llamas? Me llamo Kate!

Routine, break through and busy girl

24 09 2012

1. The first morning of our ‘get up, get two children up, drop off at child care and get out of the door ourselves by 745’ and it all runs like clockwork.
2. By 430, the sun breaks through so the drive home is cheery.
3. Isla has a fantastic first day at nursery. Doris and I pick her up and she is so busy playing she almost doesn’t want to leave!