Light, rock and surprise pudding

30 11 2012

1. The pinky orange light this morning is so pretty. Doris and I look out of the back window at what amounts to the first frost of the winter.
2. Isla has moved on from ‘row yer boat’ to ‘rock yer boat’. She loves the faux rocking from side to side then ‘falling’ over.
3. After feeling sad we have no pudding, I suddenly remember the biscuits I made earlier and we have them on a plate with a hot chocolate while watching I’m a celeb.


Drop, wrap and balls

29 11 2012

1. The only good thing about being ill with a tummy bug is seeing the scales drop into the digit below for the first time in about 5 years.
2. I manage to wrap up a few Christmas presents and start to feel that Christmassy feeling…
3. After 24 hours with no food, Mat’s meatballs taste really good!

cake, peach and raaahhh!

28 11 2012

1. One of my students proffers a box of her freshly baked chocolate buns from Food Tech. ‘Have one Miss,’ she says.  Don’t mind if I do.

2. We’re going to see a Christmas production of James and the Giant Peach so Doris has bought a copy of it with her book tokens and we are reading a little bit of it every day.  I’ve never read it before and am really enjoying it…

3. Isla comes into the kitchen bringing her animal board book.  She shows me a picture of a tiger and goes ‘raaaaahhhh’!

Splash, happy pills and Los numeros

27 11 2012

1. We make it to swimming this week. Isla’s favourite part is the Humpty Dumpty jumping in bit.
2. Doris asks me to take a seat in her ‘office’ then asks me what she can do to help. I say I feel a bit sad sometimes and she gives me some of her special happy medicine, guaranteed to ‘make me smile’.
3. We do big numbers in Spanish, which blows my tired mind. There is a real camaraderie growing amongst the group though and I have actually made a decent fist of this week’s homework.

Dunkin, guest and risotto

26 11 2012

1. Year 11 are out on work experience so I can spend the time I would be teaching them catching up on marking and on dunking ginger nuts in cups of tea.
2. A contact has a Cambridge interview next week so comes over to pick my brains. I dredge up some info for what it’s worth while Doris and Isla try to impress the guest. Isla performs a massive burp while doris takes her pyjama bottoms off and runs around the kitchen. Charming.
3. Last night’s roast chicken becomes tonight’s risotto, washed down with a glass of Chablis.

Time, splashing and roast

25 11 2012

1. A couple of hours while Doris is at a party and Isla is asleep to have a cuppa, declutter a bit and do my Spanish homework. Sad but satisfying!

2. I walk up in the rain to pick Doris up from the party. She enjoys splashing home in her wellies, Peppa Pig brolly aloft.

3. Another Sunday roast, this time chicken with bread sauce and crispy roasties. Yum, yum and triple yum.

Ballet moves, xmas fun and in the dry

24 11 2012

1. After Doris returns from her ballet lesson, she goes into teacher mode and makes me take my slippers off and do a number of ‘ballet moves’.

2. I was expecting Doris’ school Christmas Fair to be a nightmare, with everyone packed in like sardines.  It’s actually great fun – games, cakes and Tunbridge Wells ale at £2 a pint.

3. After we walk back from the fair in the rain, that’s us for the night – in the warm with a nice cup of tea.