Sunny, obs 2 and Korean dancing

31 01 2013

1. A sunny lunchtime after a wet and windy start.
2. Another observation today, which also goes well.
3. Isla and Doris dancing to Gangnam Style with the other children in M’s kitchen. I still haven’t quite got it at Zumba but Isla nails one of the moves almost instantly.


Moon, obs and fishy

30 01 2013

1. The moon hangs low and softly in the sky as I drive to school.
2. I’ve been worrying about it all week but my observation goes OK.
3. No armadillos at the zoo but Doris sees the penguins being fed. ‘What did they eat? Fish?’ I ask. ‘Krill,’ Doris replies. ‘Oh, right.’

Cat stalk, armadillo and pancakes then pause

29 01 2013

1. After school drop off, Isla decides we should go for a little walk up and down the road. The walk ends with a sighting of next door’s cat, which causes much excitement and miaowing (from Isla).
2. Doris is getting excited about her zoo trip with school tomorrow. ‘What animals might you see Doris?’ I ask, expecting giraffe, zebra etc. ‘I might see an armadillo,’ she retorts. Maybe indeed…
3. I make some pancakes for tea with the first of Grandad Duggerly’s chicken eggs. The yolks are so rich, making the pancakes a lovely golden colour. Later on, just before bed, we sit and think about Granny Mary, whose birthday it would have been today.

Skid, shower and down time

28 01 2013

1. A skid on the black ice and I run helplessly into the back of the car in front.  But there’s not much damage done and it could have been a lot lot worse…

2. While Doris is having a wee, Isla thinks it’s hilarious to get in the shower, open and close the door saying ‘Hello!’ and ‘Bye!’

3. Down time with feet on the coffee table watching the last Miranda in the series.  Can’t help but laugh for pretty much the entire half an hour.

Rehearsal, tropical scene and people watching

27 01 2013

1. Doris is so excited to be at her ballet school dress rehearsal and, despite the whole concept being extremely alien to me, I can’t help but be swept up in the excitement.
2. Mat and Doris draw a tropical island scene on the patio doors with new window crayons. They entice me to draw a shark and some clouds, which I do (badly). I’m now taken aback by the picture every time I come into the kitchen, as it looks so incongruous.
3. An enormous slab of Victoria sponge and some winter tea at the cake shed, whilst watching the world go by on The Pantiles.

Blue sky, wand twirling and 1D dinner date

26 01 2013

1. ‘There’s a beautiful blue sky!’ Doris exclaims and, as I walk into the kitchen the sun streaming in through the windows feels warm and lovely on my face.
2. Both girls enjoy cousin Emily’s fairy birthday party and love twirling their wands around the church hall.
3. An Ashford dinner date with Japanese curry, marmalade bread and butter pudding and One Direction on the stereo!

Warm, salmon and slap

25 01 2013

1. Mary from Bikes and Slides opens the door and welcomes us in to the warm.
2. A few slabs of salmon turned into a tasty curry with a few spices and a tin of tomatoes.
3. The book group chooses my Christmas present book the slapfrom Mat as next month’s read. Could make for an interesting discussion next time…