Thursday/Friday, hug and crackers

28 02 2013

1. Thursday is my Friday. As I listen to Chris Evans’ ‘Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday’ song, I always think that.
2. A lovely hug from Isla as I arrive to take her and Doris home.
3. A post parents evening glass of wine with crackers and cheese.


Balls, saviour and cuddle

27 02 2013

1. Isla throws herself headlong into the mini ball pool when we pick her up. Wish I were small enough to do that…

2. ‘Is he the one who saves the day?’ Doris asks pointing to a clean cut Jeremy Edwards on the poster for Treasure Island for which we’ve just bought tickets.

3. A cuddle on the sofa with the girls at the end of a long day.

new term haircut, cheeky chops and vino tinto

26 02 2013

1. Doris looks fresh and ready to enjoy the new term with a new haircut and an as yet unstained by lunch sweatshirt.

2. Isla’s cheeky face always makes people smile in the cafe after her swimming lesson.

3. A small glass of red after Spanish class.

First tea, biccy and pile on

25 02 2013

1. The first cup of tea in bed tastes good while I steel myself for the day ahead.
2. A jammy dodger at break time and I am back into the swing of it.
3. A Waugh girls pile-on just before bedtime brings a smile to my face.

athletic support, carpet picnic and PB splits

24 02 2013

1. It’s freeeeeeeeeeeezing outside but we head up the road to give our support to those running the Tun Wells half marathon, including Mat’s friend Jim who is running 6 half marathons in 6 weeks. Respect and well done to Jim and Amanda and Maggie who all did brilliantly.

2. A carpet picnic tea on a rug on the kitchen floor, which includes a few warm slices of Mat’s cheesy scone round.

3. Inspired by the runners today, I set out for a short run in the cold and manage to run at my fastest pace yet. Just need to keep that up for another 10 miles and I will be fine…

push, sink and drinks

23 02 2013

1. Running in the snow is refreshing. The pace feels good so I keep on pushing.  8 miles later and I arrive home with croissants and the paper in hand.

2. In the bath I sink under the water so just my nose and mouth are poking out. The rhythmic  rise and fall of my breathing is very calming.

3. Dinner and drinks at a neighbours and we test out the first of the babysitting circle’s bookings. Success all round and much good food and conversation had.

Head down, warm up and 70s meal

22 02 2013

1. It’s a head down, get on with work day. I keep sane by working in the kitchen close to the kettle and cake tin and enjoy looking up every now and then to look at the snow falling gently but not settling.
2. A log fire to warm the bones when Mat and the girls return from town.
3. Our Christmas spice box subscription has its first outing. Mat cooks up Hungarian goulash with the contents and it’s a 70s kinda meal, with prawn cocktail to start and white wine to accompany.