Holy helper, haul and tipple

31 03 2013

1. Doris, Isla and I head 20 metres up the hill to the Easter Sunday service. There aren’t many children there so Doris volunteers to light the Easter candle and searches for Jesus in the ‘tomb’ during the sermon.
2. The Easter bunny has laid out a trail on the beach below the cottage. The girls follow the clues to find a haul of chocolate eggs, yoyos and a kaleidoscope.
3. A pint of bitter shandy goes down well with our pub tea.


Shopping, Summers and tide in

30 03 2013

1. It’s a bright sunny morning so we head into the village for provisions. Outside the bakery we meet Boris and Daisy the dogs. We take our hot cross buns and doughnuts back to the cottage to enjoy with a coffee.
2. Later in the afternoon, Isla and I join Mat and Doris on Summers beach for some digging, failed bubble blowing, (I hadn’t put enough washing up liquid in the mix) and a small amount of sun soaking.
3. To watch the tide come in from the comfort of our living room.

Chesil, tasty and return

29 03 2013

1. It’s brassic out but we’ve come to see Chesil beach in all its glory so we race onto the beach, admire the smooth pebbles and throw a few into the water before retreating to the warmth of the car where we drive to higher ground so we can see the pebbly strip stretch out in front of us from the comfort of our seats.
2. I had limited expectations from a gluten free vegetarian cafe in Totnes but the meze, soup and coffee is truly amazing.
3. We finally reach st Mawes at four. Back to South cottage with its picture postcard window views.

Bun fight, cuppa and Frankie n Benny’s

28 03 2013

1. The end of term is finally here. As I don’t work Fridays I normally miss out on the staff bun fight once the students have left but it’s Good Friday tomorrow so chocolate eclairs all round.
2. I get home, pack up the car and have 20 mins for a cuppa before I have to pick the girls up and tackle the M25.
3. I find a Frankie and Benny’s close to Basingstoke station so I can feed the girls, put them in their Pjs and they can work off a bit off energy before we pick Mat up and head down to Weymouth.

warmth, almost there and good girl

27 03 2013

1. The sun shines for a few brief moments and the warmth feels good on my face.

2. I teach my last lesson for the term.  Just meetings and admin tomorrow. *Almost* there.

3. Doris is extra good and helpful at bedtime, reading her book beautifully and not complaining once when I turn out the light.

pack, tea and book bath

26 03 2013

1. Isla falls asleep on the way home from school drop off so I grasp the opportunity and get packing while she’s otherwise disposed.

2. Tea round at two of Doris’ old mates from pre school’s house.  Plus I get tea thrown in too as the parents eat at the same time as the kids.

3. A hot bath and a chance to read a few pages of my book.

Choc bic, pie and on the rainbow

25 03 2013

1. A chocolate digestive at break time

2. On a cold day, only a meat pie will do for dinner.

3. Doris is all excited – she has been put ‘on the rainbow’ at school for her excellent ‘cursive’ writing.