Spring springing, more water and simple past

30 04 2013

1. Spying yellow tulips on the school run and then trees coming into leaf on the way to swimming.
2. While I pull up weeds and plant some perennial plugs, Isla discovers the joys of watering, emptying her little can into the rosemary pot and shouting ‘more’ then ‘more’ then ‘more’ then ‘more’ ad infinitum. I don’t think the rosemary will need any water for a while…
3. At Spanish, the simple past tense is making sense, slowly but surely.


Return, clean and full knees

29 04 2013

1. Back to work and the students (mostly!) seem pleased to see me.
2. Home to a tidy, clean house.
3. A girl on each knee watching Scooby Doo.

Blue, Birks and blow

28 04 2013

1. When i look up through the velux window as i am lying in the bath, I see the bluest sky.
2. I take off my Birkenstocks at the park and feel the warm sand of the sandpit between my toes.
3. The girls faces light up when I bring out Mat’s (slightly early) birthday cake. Isla purses her lips and starts blowing as soon as the candles are lit and Doris is delighted to actually blow the last candle out herself. Oh and the cake doesn’t taste too shabby either.

Hip, sip and PJ play

27 04 2013

1. While Mat and Doris are in a meeting, Isla and I hang out drinking coffee (me, not Isla!) at Trinity arts centre caff, while listening to an acoustic set from The Ackerleys. Makes me (almost) feel like a hipster.
2. A glass of white wine at 6 certainly makes bedtime much more chilled.
3. The girls love playing in the garden with two neighbouring boys. Isla in particular potters round in her PJs and wellies with a big grin on her face.

Trust, hangout and cheffy blubbing

26 04 2013

1. Sometimes you have to trust that everything will work out in the end and that good friends and family are the key.
2. First use of a Google hangout, now I do feel like I’m with it.
3. Crying at the Masterchef semi-final. What’s it going to be like next week for the final?

Frothy, friends and feast

25 04 2013

1. The beautiful, frothy white blossom on the neighbour’s apple tree is the first thing that catches my eye this morning.
2. A quick coffee with a friend and a beautiful lavender plant in a pot from another friend.
3. The girls eat their post swimming, post nursery ice cream cone in the ‘igloo’ in the garden. I can hear lots of laughter bubbling from within the tent.

Bike pride, Scoopy and mmmmm

24 04 2013

1. Doris cycles her balance bike pretty much all the way to school. We overhear an older girl telling her Mum how much she likes Doris’ bike and I can sense Doris swelling with pride.
2. Not only is Doris a massive Scooby Doo fan but Isla has now started yelling ‘Scoopy!’ at the telly when it comes on.
3. I really want to try the Food Glorious Food-winning white chicken korma from M&S. Mmmmmmm.