Lay in, lay preacher and back home

30 06 2013

1. A lovely lie-in thanks to Mat.
2. At church, both girls point in amazement to Granny Anne in her lay preaching robes. They can’t quite believe she’s part of the service. Later on I can smell the incense in our hair and clothes.
3. Back to RTW in time to quickly get the paddling pool out and fire up the barbie.


Garden coffee, smelly peas and sky high

29 06 2013

1. Morning coffee in the garden with a chocolate biscuit while the girls collect petals to make perfume.
2. Isla and I admire the entries in the Bournville village festival show. The vases of sweet peas are particularly fragrant and Isla wrinkles her little nose vigorously to sniff them.
3. A ride on the mini planes, purely to keep an eye on the girls of course.

Sourires, choccy face and fool

28 06 2013

1. A lovely card arrives from French friends living in Japan who we haven’t seen for a couple of years, entitled Sourires de Yokohama and filled with photos of the four of them.
2. Isla’s face after a Malteser in the car reminds me of her Uncle Andrew in the early 80s when he often had Kit Kat smeared around his chops.
3. Anne’s mango fool is a dessert of wonder, and especially welcome after a five hour Friday night journey to Brum that normally takes just over two.

Civilised, thumbs up and TAW

27 06 2013

1. As the students are out on a trip to Harry Potter World, lunch today at school is very civilised – goats cheese tart with Creme Brûlée for pud.
2. After a few weeks of wondering whether to give up swimming lessons for Doris as she just wasn’t getting it, a thumbs up from her teacher at the end of the lesson to say she had done well.
3. Today at Wimbledon, an evening treat when the kids are in bed.

Activities, pink and smiley sorter

26 06 2013

1. As it’s Activities Week at school, I can drop off and pick up Doris from school myself this week, which we’re both pleased about (so far!) and it makes mornings a bit more laid back.
2. I only put in three flower heads from the black elder in the mix but they have tinted the elderflower cordial a delicate shade of pink.
3. The man at the delivery sorting office is very smiley and friendly. Doris is fascinated by the idea of a place where all the undelivered parcels sit, waiting patiently for their owners to come and collect them.

Heady, sugary and smelly

25 06 2013

1. Passing a house covered in roses on the way home from swimming and taking in the heady scent.
2. While Isla is asleep I pick elderflower heads from the twitten and macerate them with citric acid, water, lemons and a LOT of sugar. By tomorrow night I should have cordial to bottle.
3. A man is clipping his rosemary hedge as we pass on the way home from school. We pick up a clipping to sniff* and he cuts each of the girls a pink rose. Doris brings hers home, mixes it with water, Lemon balm and a dash of black currant squash to make me some ‘perfume’, which we dab on our wrists. I can truthfully say it smells pretty good.

*rosemary for remembrance. I had some sprigs of it in my wedding bouquet to remember those who couldn’t be there and I smelt it and especially remembered Mum today – two years since we scattered her ashes.

Robin, acid and chairs

24 06 2013

1. While I’m on break duty, a robin flies down to a branch nearby. I find myself saying ‘hello’ to it.
2. The chemist near school has some citric acid for making my elderflower cordial (harder to find than you’d think as a) there’s always a run on it this time of year and b) dealers use it to cut drugs with so many chemists don’t stock it!
3. Our new camping chairs have arrived and are very swanky, with a built in drinks tray.