Sweaty walk, Old McDonalds and play

31 07 2013

1. We make it to Doris’ swimming lesson just on time, having dropped the car at the industrial estate to be fixed and having slogged up to the pool with the buggy and the buggy board on pavements, scrubby ground and, in some cases, on the road itself. I am sweaty but relieved to have made it for 9.30 and in one piece.
2. A dirty lunch at ‘Old McDonalds’ before picking the car back up with the air con now fixed. The girls squeal with delight at the helium balloons and plastic free smurf toys.
3. A play and tea in Lamberhurst with friends we haven’t seen for ages.


Farm, pet and tea’s ready

30 07 2013

1. Meeting old school friends and their kids at Godstone Farm. It’s raining heavily but we all have our wellies on so it doesn’t matter.
2. The rabbits sit there waiting to be petted. Isla holds out her fingers and stroke them so tenderly.
3. My homemade burger and chips sets off the smoke alarm but it means Mat can smell it from twenty doors down so he knows his tea’s ready as he walks home.

Charge, snail and gossip

29 07 2013

1. Isla and Doris hold hands and charge up and down the aisle at B&Q as I search for adhesive to mend the crack I’ve made in the sink.
2. A fun play date with Ethan and Oscar. Oscar finds a snail in the garden and proudly shows it off to everyone. The snail bravely sticks his head out of the shell to get a closer look.
3. Drinks and tapas with colleagues from school. We have a good old gossip.

Bubbles, romp and Champion

28 07 2013

1. A bubble maker fashioned out of an old fishing net and two poles makes the most awesome bubbles.
2. Isla’s face is a picture as she is allowed ‘loose’ to romp amongst the festival crowds.
3. I feel quite emotional listening to the end of Danny, Champion of the World as Mat reads it to Doris. The description of the countryside is so beautiful and the relationship between the boy and his father so tender.

Kids fest, rain cycle and cheese n wine

27 07 2013

1. Doris’ 2nd and Isla’s 1st experience of the Womad festival. They get stuck into the World of Children and dance around until the heavens open.
2. Cycling home in the rain is surprisingly refreshing when the rain is warm and a hot shower and a cup of tea awaits.
3. Cheese, wine and chat after drying off from the downpour.


26 07 2013

1. Finally a not too painful Friday journey around the M25, rewarded at the other end with a strong G&T while the kids run around the garden.
2. My first attempt at (wo)manning a barbecue. I try the keep-the-lid-on technique I heard about on the radio the other day and it seems to work…
3. Cycling to Womad festival and sinking a pint while listening to Lister, aka Craig Charles DJing, as well as some fantastic electro swing by the Parov Stelar (sp?) band.

Plug in, party time and last bounce

25 07 2013

1. There is something thrilling about plugging a bouncy castle into the mains and watching it spring to life.
2. Doris’ party is a chaotic frenzy of many children bouncing, dancing and eating but a good time is had by all.
3. A sneaky last bounce before they come to take the castle away.