Pancakes, blackberries and asleep

31 08 2013

1. Pancakes for breakfast.
2. Finding a sunny field for blackberry picking and a picnic lunch.
3. I sit in the warm kitchen with Isla on my lap. She drinks her milk while I read the paper. After a while she goes very quiet and I realise she’s fallen asleep.


Fun, chuck and cuzza

30 08 2013

1. We make it down to Calverley Park for the last of the community fun days. The girls (and I!) are delighted that Mat’s around too.
2. Chucking Doris and Isla back on the bouncy castle.
3. We haven’t had a takeaway curry for ages so we get one delivered and watch Life of Pi on TV.

Bexhill, hide and scenery

29 08 2013

1. It’s a beautiful day down in Bexhill and we get to catch up with the Scotts in their garden.
2. After their shower, Doris and Rupert play hide and seek. After about five minutes, Lotte and I get a bit worried as we can’t find them anywhere. Eventually Lotte opens Rupert’s wardrobe and the pair of them are each lying on a shelf.
3. The drive home through the Sussex countryside is stunning.

Play date #2, big girl and fish pie

28 08 2013

1. Back to Grosvenor Park for another play date, this time with Brady and Toby. The girls love playing with the boys and eating their picnic tea.
2. Isla hangs out on the ‘big girl’ swings at the park and makes two teenage mates in the process.
3. My first fish pie in I don’t how how long. Crispy on top and creamy in the middle.

Rolls, quiet am and bread week

27 08 2013

1. Freshly baked bread rolls and butter, the warm roll melts the butter into a soft golden puddle.
2. The girls eat lunch in the garden after a brief dip in the paddling pool. It’s good to have a quiet morning ahead of the afternoon’s much anticipated play date with Doris’ friend Tilly.
3. Munching pizza whilst watching bread week on The Great British Bakeoff.

Cuppa, dry and last BBQ?

26 08 2013

1. Mike brews up a cuppa while we pack away the last of the camping stuff.
2. Home to plenty of sunshine, perfect for drying the tent and four loads of washing.
3. A bank holiday BBQ – the last of the summer?

Wind, paddle and people watching

25 08 2013

1. There’s finally enough wind to fly Doris’ kite. It’s a thrill to watch, dipping and diving (and getting dangerously close to hitting us) on Le Touquet beach.
2. There are plenty of people swimming so we brave a paddle in the sea and it’s surprisingly temperate. Doris whips off her knicks and iis soon down to just her T shirt.
3. People watching in the chic town over an Orangina and then steak frites with hand cut chips.