Jig, clean welcome and fish

30 09 2013

1. When I arrive at nursery, Isla is hanging around he door waiting to be collected. She dances a little jig when she sees me.
2. Walking through the door to a clean and tidy house.
3. Really good chip shop fish.


Pain, farm and pub garden

29 09 2013

1. The pain aux raisins I have for breakfast has just the right amount of soft confectioner’s custard and just the right amount of crunch.
2. Doris and Isla poke out a finger each to very gently stroke the baby chick. Then they run round the rest of the mobile farm patting animals and doing chicken impressions. We listen to the big pig snoring softly.
3. A drink in the sun in the pub front garden after our trip on the spa valley railway.

Garden jobs, joint party and ducks

28 09 2013

1. Mat’s Mum gets out the secateurs and deadheads a load of things in the garden, doing all the jobs we had a feeling needed doing but didn’t know where to start.
2. The girls’ first ever joint birthday party invitation so we trot along to Josie’s for a slap up party tea and games. On the way home Isla gets out her party bag wand and starts waving it, rocking on the loose pavement bricks and singing ‘see saw, Isla Waugh’.
3. We attempt to feed the ducks in the park with the remains of the picnic but the ducks seem a little disinterested, in fact the pond is floating with the bloated remains of many other picnics. Eventually a baby duck comes over and starts eating the girls’ crusts, much to their delight.

Friend, pasta and carrots

27 09 2013

1. Doris dithers outside the classroom, teetering on the edge of not wanting to go inside. Just in the nick of time, her friend Aimee appears and they happily walk in together. Phew.
2. The fancy pants looking Italian restaurant we’ve been meaning to go to for ages is doing a plate of pasta for a fiver special so we eat out at midday. A pianist is tinkling the ivories as we arrive and the place is packed with RTW ladies who lunch. Even in our scruffy attire and with Isla and buggy in tow, the staff are incredibly welcoming and the pasta is delicious.
3. Doris puts her wellies on and heads into the garden. Five minutes later she’s back with a big bowl of carrots she’s dug up from the garden. We know what’s for dinner then…

Moving up, back to school and juicy

26 09 2013

1. After a stressful day, I’m called to one side by Doris’ swimming teacher. I wince, fearing bad news…but it’s good – she wants to move her up to the next level. Just need to wait for a space to open up now…
2. Back to school for a new parents’ drinks. I have to take Doris and Isla with me and they make it bearable, running here, there and everywhere. In the library we sit and read a book on the fire of London, whilst looking out over the lovely Kent countryside, glowing in the setting sun.
3. Peeling an orange and finding it’s really good and juicy.

Self shoeing, stuffing balls and time to chat

25 09 2013

1. Isla sits on the stairs and, unprompted, puts her shoes on. I didn’t know she could do that.
2. Stuffing balls and gravy to go with a roast lunch at school.
3. Time for a cup of tea and a chat, while Isla and Doris and Cecilia draw at the table.

Pop in, peg out and cuddle up

24 09 2013

1. An old friend unexpectedly pops in for a cuppa and the last of Isla’s birthday cake. Makes what would have been a dull hour getting ready for Isla’s swimming lesson much more fun.
2. Pegging washing out on the line with the warm sun on my face.
3. Cuddling both girls on the sofa before bed time. They normally fight over who gets prime position but this time as content to just sit side by side.