Poppins, party time and trick and treaters

31 10 2013

1. While I try and finish some schoolwork, I stick on the Mary Poppins DVD, one of my favourite childhood films. It’s lovely to hear Doris chuckling at all the bits I used to enjoy.
2. Bryony’ party is a cracker – magic, games and dancing. I am also a sucker for party food so I ‘help’ the girls clear their plates.
3. The girls are giddy with excitement for trick or treating. It’s Isla’s first time and she cuts quite a dash in her witch dress n cardie combo. Doris particularly enjoys standing by the door with her bowl of sweets waiting for the bell to ring. When it does, she takes her cue from a lady up the road and insists visitors sing a song or a poem to ‘earn’ their sweets.


Urchin, kind offer and superhero tea

30 10 2013

1. Doris is very grown up now she has her own stool to sit on at the hairdressers. She insists Annie takes a lot off, leaving her with a Mia Farrow-style urchin crop, which looks very cute.
2. As Mat leaves the house, I shout after him, ‘have a think what you would like to do on Friday!’ Just ten minutes later a friend texts with the amazingly kind offer of four tickets to Legoland. Err, yes please!
3. Doris dresses as Batman and Isla as Fireman Sam during tea at Zach and Sebastian’s house and leave happy, clutching a chocolate spider from Narelle.

* can’t believe I forgot to mention our date last night to see Alan Partridge: Alpha papa – some excellent laugh out loud funny moments (during the film, not the date!)

Flood, farm and serenade

29 10 2013

1. I foolishly set off for Godstone farm ‘the scenic route’, forgetting about the storm the day before. We get most of the way there before road closures kick in and have to drive down a flooded road (eyes closed and praying the engine didn’t cut out at that point) before we finally get there in one piece – phew.
2. It’s heaving at the farm but everyone enjoys themselves and I get time for a cup of tea and a chat with Nicki and a couple of dips in the M&S mini roll tub.
3. Onto our final play date of the day and all four kids decide to serenade us with a ‘tune’ or two. Isla loves the drum kit n keyboard combo and whacks her sticks on the pads with great gusto.

Saturday, Charlotte and book discussions

28 10 2013

1. Mat can’t get the train til later because of the St Jude storm so the first part of Monday morning feels a little like a Saturday.
2. A long overdue play date with Doris’ BFF Charlotte. Doris is delighted to come home with a couple of pairs of ‘party shoes’ donated by Charlotte and I am delighted to come home with the Wagamama cookbook, donated by Charlotte’s Mum!
3. Hilarious discussions about books, families at Christmas and tins of Quality Street, while quaffing lime juice and eating crisps.

Lyrics, small world and big lunch out

27 10 2013

1. Sitting in bed, chatting to Isla. She knows many more verses of wheels on the bus than I ever imagined or have heard of, including ‘the daddies on the bus read the paper.’ That’s a new one to me…
2. It’s a small world. Turns out one of Doris’ mates from pre school is now schoolfriends with Doris’ oldest friend from nursery. We discover this at today’s birthday party where all are present and my two thoroughly enjoy themselves. They dance together very sweetly during musical statues.
3. An impromptu Sunday lunch out with friends. The first time in ages I have eaten a giant Yorkshire pudding, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Triple whammy, lunch service and smelly head

26 10 2013

1. A visit to TW2 give us a triple whammy of birds with one stone – morning tea with one friend, lunch with A + S, and tea with another friend. Makes the hideous journey around the M25 worthwhile.
2. Having lunch cooked for you is one of the nicest things. The girls sit and eat their food really nicely and Doris even eats the cavolo nero – how middle class!
3. The delicious smell of the top of a six month old baby’s head.

Newborn, salmon and Chris Morris

25 10 2013

1. I meet one of Doris’ old key workers in ELC with her three week old baby. She always used to gush over the newborns at nursery and it’s lovely to see her with her own (she did look tired though…)
2. The offer price smoked salmon I bought on a whim tastes really good with a squeeze of lemon, a crack of pepper and some of the Gill Wing farm bread and butter.
3. Nothing on TV so we watch Four Lions, not what I would have ordinarily chosen but quite disturbing, thought provoking and even amusing all at the same time.