Sea air, school fair and shhhh

30 11 2013

1. A morning walk along the seafront blows a few cobwebs away and puts some colour in our cheeks.
2. The school Christmas Fair jacket potatoes are extremely good and both girls manage to ‘win’ on the chocolate tombola- what a relief!
3. A quiet Saturday night in.


Lucky, post and wooden spoon

29 11 2013

1. A chance conversation in a shop that makes me realise I am very fortunate in what I have and my moments of crisis could be a hell of a lot worse.
2. All the Christmas parcels I ordered have arrived without a trip to the (now not so local) sorting office.
3. We come last in the little common PTA quiz night but it’s a really good laugh and we get to eat take away curry and Celebrations chocolates and catch up with friends.

Bargain, twinkling and cuddle

28 11 2013

1. A bargainous 3 boxes of Guylian chocs for a fiver at One Stop.
2. Driving home after parents consultation, I wait at the traffic lights and wonder at the size of the Christmas tree inside Tonbridge School, twinkling in all its Christmas glory.
3. Wonderful childminder M has put the girls to bed but Doris sneaks down when she hears me come home for a cheeky cuddle.

Blue, change and TV dinner

27 11 2013

1. The bright blue of a friend’s shoes is cheering on a dull, drizzly morning.
2. Changing from work trousers into maternity ones at the end of a long day.
3. A tin of soup and cheese on toast in front of Masterchef.

Tropics, sanger and card designers

26 11 2013

1. The baby pool water is warm again. While Isla is doing ‘crocodiles’ along the steps, I wallow close by, imagining myself in tropical climes.
2. Yesterday’s roast chicken makes a mighty fine chicken mayonnaise sandwich at lunch.
3. Instead of clamouring to watch Scooby Doo as per, the girls sit nicely at the table in their pjs, making a card ‘for Daddy.’

Helpless, laugh and scoop

25 11 2013

1. The A26 is solid and it takes me well over an hour to get to work (normally 20 mins) but all I can do is let school know and listen to the radio – nothing more to be done.
2. A brief respite from the madness of school, to sit in the sunny lunch room and have a laugh with the other teachers.
3. A scoop of chocolate ice cream for pudding.

Thanks, woodland walk and chicken dinner

24 11 2013

1. Mat and Doris head to hobbycraft for silver paint to adorn a black t shirt a neighbour has donated for Doris’ Christmas play. While there they make full use of the sample craft table and I receive a lovely card, in which D has neatly written, ‘dear Mummy, thank you for all the lovely food – Doris.’
2. We have the Pepenbury woodland walk all the ourselves. It has chickens, guinea pigs, mud, a maze, a swing and a goat that smells of wee. Perfect. On our return Mat receives a bottle of red from a neighbour he did some design layout work for and I receive a ‘bump gift pack’ from the same lady for absolutely no reason at all. Marvellous.
3. Roast chicken dinner with roast veg and garlicky kale.