Positive, B&S and boogie

31 01 2014

1. A friend on the school run comments on my positive outlook, which is lovely to hear.
2. Friday means Bikes and Slides, something Isla and I both look forward to.
3. The girls love the school’s family disco, especially Isla who busts some serious moves.


Tea, jump and bun

30 01 2014

1. A colleague always makes me a cup of tea on a Thursday morning and it’s very much appreciated.
2. Watching the divers spring into the pool.
3. A hot cross bun and a slice of cherry Madeira whilst babysitting

Birthday, tolerance and pies

29 01 2014

1. Today would have been Mum’s 70th birthday so she is especially in my thoughts today. I remember back to 10 years ago when we celebrated our 60th and 30th birthdays with afternoon tea at the Ritz and a trip to a spa.
2. I have to have a glucose tolerance test at the hospital, which involves not eating for 12 hours and having to sit in hospital all morning. BUT I don’t mind as I get to read more of my book and it certainly beats teaching a triple lesson to my year 9s…
3. The pie minister pies make for a lazy dinner but a tasty one.

Helper, contemplate and jump

28 01 2014

1. My mini helper delights in helping me unpack the shopping bags, although she struggles with the 3kg bag of spuds.
2. A quiet moment of contemplation, remembering a longstanding family friend, gentle soul and talented doctor who leaves us today. Dors bien, cher J-P.
3. I am finding channel 4’s The Jump strangely compelling, if only to give me a glimpse of all the winter sports I want to try.

Stodge, slippers and pizza

27 01 2014

1. A stodgy sponge for lunchtime pud. Perfect for (another) damp and drizzly day.
2. Taking my work shoes off and putting slippers on.
3. Homemade pizza and a glass of Pepsi.

Porridge, party princesses and pooped

26 01 2014

1. Porridge with syrup and a cup of tea.
2. The girls love cousin Emily’s princesses and knights party (Doris is a beautiful Cinderella thanks to a very timely dress donation by a kind neighbour) led by the energyful Susan Sparkle and I get to sit and eat party food and chat to J and A and Grandad D.
3. We make it back round the M25 for the last part of Ethan’s party and then it’s good to rest up for half an hour with a tea.

Logs, rocks and Davs

25 01 2014

1. A trip out to get some logs becomes a family activity as Doris and Isla clamour to pick up the wood and sling it in the boot.
2. An impromptu walk on the Common and then a clamber on Wellington Rocks. It’s cold but bright. Close by the Rocks two mighty trees have fallen in recent storms. The girls gather up wood shavings from their demise and scatter a Hansel and Gretel style trail along the path.
3. Cheryl’s 40th is a proper night out. 22 women out to have a few drinks, food and a dance. I finally get to go to the infamous Davs and am surprised how much I like the music. Tunes from 20 years ago mixed with more modern stuff. I bail at a respectable 1am, leaving the others to groove on til closing time…