Toast, walk and birthday

30 04 2014

1. Isla and I sit on the sofa, eat toast and watch the Num Tums.
2. The morning and afternoon walk to school and back does me good – it bookends the day, keeps me moving and gives me the chance to see friends.
3. The girls clamour round Mat, handing over presents and cards and helping him blow out his birthday candles.


Solo park, countdown and accolade

29 04 2014

1. Post school drop off and pre dentist, Isla and I have the park to ourselves. She sings a crocodile motorbike song and does a little dance.
2. While Isla has a little snooze on the sofa, I actually get to watch a bit of Countdown and I can even do two of the numbers rounds.
3. Doris comes rushing through the door clutching the dancer of the week trophy and also her second tooth, which fell out whilst eating an apple at break and the teacher has sealed it inside a little fold of yellow paper.

Sea, dough and brush

28 04 2014

1. Another trip to the cinema to while away the waiting, this time to see The Sea. I have never been so cultured.
2. The play dough in Isla’s nursery smells of peppermint.
3. The cleaning lady unearths my hairbrush, which has been lost for almost a week.

Shake, walk and watch

27 04 2014

1. A large chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and a cherry on top.
2. A round the block clears a few cobwebs away.
3. I finally get to see The Artist, a film I’ve been meaning to watch for ages.

Bath, bluebells and blow

26 04 2014

1. A morning bath and a chance to read some more of my book.
2. Stunning bluebells in the almost deserted Nap Wood.
3. I win the blow football game Doris has devised – me and Isla versus Doris and Mat. 5 – 2 championes, and Isla wasn’t early blowing anyway so it was mostly down to me. Competitive, moi?

Star, cake and best ever

25 04 2014

1. Doris comes blustering through the door with the Star of the week certificate from her class.

2. The last of our free coffee and cake vouchers from John Lewis. “They’ve cut this cake a little large,” says the assistant. Excellent, I’ll have that one then…
3. Quite possibly the finest homemade pizza Mat and I have ever produced. A noble joint effort (he rolled, I adorned.)

Double, bargains and unencumbered

24 04 2014

1. Nothing doing so I go to the art house cinema to see The Double, a dark film (literally and metaphorically) and watch it drinking coffee and eating a chocolate and chilli brownie.
2. The supermarket next to the cinema has an amazing bargain bin aisle where I pick up a great selection of bargains, including delightfully named ‘pots of joy’ which really are (chocolate moussey thing.)
3. A friend has Doris round for tea and Dad looks after Isla so I can go to my midwife appointment unencumbered.