Azure, sand and grin

31 05 2014

1. I peer out of the curtains and the sky is a brilliant azure.
2. Kirsty’s first trip to Camber Sands. We’re all a little grumpy by the time we arrive but the bakery pastries improve our mood and the girls enjoy digging in our little patch of sand.
3. At bath time Kirsty gives Mat and me a proper gummy grin.


Lush, heady and roll

30 05 2014

1. The countryside on the drive down to Sissinghurst is at its best – rolling folds of lush green.
2. The heady scent of the rose garden.
3. The girls roll down the grassy bank while I feed Kirsty and suck on half price sherbet sweets from the NT shop.

Dressed, decamp and delicious

30 05 2014

1. I don’t manage to get dressed til 1.30pm but, as it’s half term, it really doesn’t matter as there is nothing pressing.
2. We decamp to Doris’ BFF Charlotte’s house and are very well looked after. I am so grateful that when we leave, all girls have been fed and it’s just a matter of home, pyjamas and bed.
3. The remainder of the delicious curries Andrew made a few weeks ago are lifted out of the freezer and we wolf them down in front of Britain’s Got Talent.

Coffee, buggy club and Stoner

28 05 2014

1. A friend pops in for an earlyish morning coffee.
2. Jo at buggy club lets Doris go as a one-off, despite their no school age rule. We all needed to get out of the house and it’s good to hand Kirsty over for five minutes and spend a bit of time with the other two.
3. A hot bath and chance to read a few pages of Stoner.

Solo, sisterly and slice

27 05 2014

1. First day solo and I get through the day with everyone in one piece.
2. Doris looks after Isla so beautifully in the soft play, without any prompting from me.
3. A slice of treacle tart and a scoop of dulce de leche ice cream.

Scoop, calm and drizzle

26 05 2014

1. Sometimes complicated is not always best. After breaking our fancy schmanzy ice cream scoop that wasn’t much good anyway last week, the simple one from John Lewis is just the job.
2. Calm in the house as Mat takes the girls on a wet walk round the block.
3. Mixing up a double quantity of lemon drizzle.

Trust, rhodedendrons and cream tea

25 05 2014

1. After months of indecision, we finally join the National Trust and meet friends at Sheffield Park.
2. The rhodedendrons are stunning and smell delightful.
3. Cream tea in the sun.