Cake, plan and genius

31 07 2014

1. Isla and I use up the last of the John Lewis coffee and cake vouchers before they run out. She chooses the big pink cake and I go for a more understated pear tart.
2. At the park, Doris meets not one, not two but three of her best mates. I love it when a plan comes together. Even Isla is delighted as she gets two long goes on the swings.
3. Watching Child Genius on catch up.



Sunny position, reunited and sit down

30 07 2014

1. The number of flowers on the purple hibiscus stops me in my tracks when I walk down the garden. Just a few years ago it was forgotten behind the leylandii and now enjoys a new, sunny position which it’s clearly loving (plus the much hated leylandii have now bitten the dust.)
2. I am reunited with my hairbrush again after over a month apart. It resurfaced when I was rummaging under the bed for the camping stuff.
3. Getting three children to bed on my own is always tricky but tonight in particular I am very glad when I can finally sit down with my dinner.

Veggie lunch, fisher price and mat action

29 07 2014

1. A lastminute coffee with the Moores turns into lunch and the revelation that tinned beans and veggie sausages are actually rather good.
2. Nostalgia seeing some of the vintage Fisher Price toys for the first time in years.
3. The slide mat comes out and Kirsty and I watch from the shade of the kitchen while Doris and Isla throw themselves down it.

Hol club, the G-Rs and doorstepper

28 07 2014

1. Doris’ first day at st Luke’s church holiday club. Three hours of childcare a day absolutely free for a whole week. D loves it and, much to Mat’s relief, not a single mention of the G word so far.
2. We haven’t seen Gemma and the boys for so long but the kids all pick up where they left off and have a lovely play in the park while Gemma and I chat.
3. When we get back from the park, Mat is waiting on the doorstep.

Breakfast, welcome home and rattan relaxation

27 07 2014

1. There is something wonderfully decadent about a hotel breakfast buffet. After last nights excesses though I pile my bowl high with fresh fruits and yoghurt and later tuck into waffles and maple syrup.
2. As I trundle up the road with my suitcase, the girls come out to greet me. Kirsty looks at me for a while and then gives me a big gummy grin. Glad to go away but very glad to come back again.
3. A delicious BBQ sitting on the sumptuous rattan furniture of some lovely neighbours. So good to sit outside, I feel like I’m chilling out at an Ibizan beach bar!

Brummie bus, facial and Donny 40th

26 07 2014

1. Initially wary of the topless man at the bus stop, when the bus approaches he tells me in a broad Brummie accent, ‘bus is here love,’ and offers to get me on on his family pass, although he reneges on this when he sees the driver, who he seems to know to be wise to him!
2. The pure relaxation of a facial, in a darkened spa room, with nothing to focus on but the gentle music, lovely smells and comforting warmth of the towel covering me.
3. Cocktails and dinner with the Donny girls, celebrating our 40ths in Malmaison style.

Bloomer, garden gin and sequins

25 07 2014

1. A soft bloomer from the bicycle bakery makes for a delicious mackerel sandwich.
2. At the end of a hideous journey round the M25 and down the M40 to Birmingham, there is a G&T waiting and a sit in the lush garden.
3. New tshirts for the girls from France with reversible sequins, that flip up and change colour when you touch them.