Little library, afternoon tea and salad days

31 08 2014

1. Mat and the girls spend all morning constructing a little library from an orange crate, which they install proudly out the front of the house – the message on the front is ‘take a book, leave a book (have a look!)’
2. The Moores invite us to afternoon tea, which involves wine, hide and seek(with the kids!), kids tea and a catch up on news we missed whilst away – lovely.
3. There is still some rocket growing in the garden and still a few tomatoes ripening.


Dry, birthday conkers and out late

30 08 2014

1. We finally get the tent dry a week after we got back from holiday.
2. To Twickenham for Shazia’s birthday lunch. The girls are amazed to find conkers on The Green and shove as many as they can find in their pockets.
3. I manage to make it to Narelle’s 40th for 10pm – better late than never. So handy that it’s just up the road and must be the latest I’ve stayed out in a while.

Coffee group, free coffee and crumble and cream

29 08 2014

1. Pizza, pud and play with half of the old NCT coffee group.
2. To Nocutts for our free coffee before the month runs out.
3. The plum crumble Monica gave us yesterday with plums from her garden is awfully good with a slug of double cream.

Hedgehog meetup, persuaded and bin gate

28 08 2014

1. Getting together the children of neighbours who didn’t know each other before but who will be in the same class next year. They all come bearing goodies, the boys get on well and we crack out the new playballs and pool for the first time outside.
2. Picking Doris up from her friend’s house, I am (easily) persuaded to stay for a cuppa, a slice of cake and a catch up.
3. We missed it last night but catch up on GBBO bin gate tonight.

Drizzle, sweet and pick

27 08 2014

1. Mixing up a lemon drizzle and licking the bowl.
2. There are still a few sweet peas in the garden to stick in a small vase on the kitchen table.
3. Picking raspberries to fill the freezer.

Biccies, soft play and catch up

26 08 2014

1. Doris made some beautiful biscuits all by herself following my dictated recipe and I enjoy one with my coffee. Although it pains me to say it they are much nicer looking than mine and are very tasty.
2. We escape the rain and head to the soft play to meet friends. The girls have a very pleasant run around and I can sit and chat – perfect.
3. Catching up on the GBBO episodes we’ve missed with dinner balanced on our laps.

Washing, wet lunch and home grown

25 08 2014

1. I get a strange sense of satisfaction as the pile of holiday washing decreases and the pile of clean laundry increases.
2. It’s soooo miserable out that we console ourselves with lunch at Carluccios and the spinach and ricotta ravioli is as good as I remember.
3. Our garden-watering neighbour has very kindly picked and saved some tomatoes that ripened while we were away so we enjoy them with our tea.