Boy, friends and crumble

30 09 2014

1. I look after a friend’s one year old son for an hour or so. He’s a very gentle soul and it’s interesting to observe him interacting with all our toys in a very methodical way.
2. Another meet up of Mums and babies on the road. Kirsty and another girl a similar age lie next to each other and stare at one another, fascinated.
3. A can’t quite believe how much butter the crumble recipe needs but the result is very good and transforms the windfall pears into a lovely dessert.


Offer, mouse and admin

29 09 2014

1. A friend is passing at 820. “I’ll take Doris to school,” she offers and off she goes. I’m very grateful to have some respite from the steep hills on the school run for a morning.
2. As we wave Doris off, Isla and I spot a tiny brown mouse by next door’s bin. It’s very tame and let’s us get close so we can have a good look at it.
3. While Kirsty sleeps I finally get round to all the admin tasks I’ve been putting off.

Washing, meet up and eat up

28 09 2014

1. Three loads of washing, washed and dried on the line. The sheets and duvets in particular smell so good.
2. After two years, we finally get round to meeting up with Al, Harriet and their boys again and, like last time we meet at Tillgate Park. No pigs rutting this time but there is a well endowed albino donkey that amuses us greatly.
3. Our second family roast dinner. Isla and Doris eat a surprising amount of chicken and potatoes, and wolf down the bread sauce.

Consoled, princess and Strictly

27 09 2014

1. Our balloon trip is postponed (again – this time due to low lying cloud) but we are consoled by bacon sandwiches, squash soup and a quick walk along the beachfront.
2. Isla is very excited to be invited to one of the first birthday parties on her own. She flounces into Josie’s princess party in her new Belle dress and tiara.
3. Dancing to Strictly with Doris. She’s excited cos Steve from Deadly 60 on CBBC is in it.

Jobs, saucy and seaside

26 09 2014

1. Managing to get all my jobs done in town post bikes and slides without Isla or Kirsty having a meltdown.
2. Mat’s Garlicky walnutty tomato saucy thingy over chargrilled spring onions for lunch.
3.Down to the Scotts in Bexhill for curry. Sherlock the new Bassett Hound puppy is adorable and takes every opportunity to lick the girls in the face.

Drizzle, engaged again and out

25 09 2014

1. At Vicky’s coffee morning, a friend has made Tana Ramsay’s lemon drizzle cake and, loathe as I am to admit it, it’s delicious and much better than mine!
2. Being able to fit my engagement ring again after months of swollen fingers.
3. Girls night out – feels like it’s been a while.

Elevenses, glitter and raspberry

24 09 2014

1. A civilised birthday elevenses for a friend at the Cake Shed with just Kirsty in tow as all the other children are in school.
2. Carrot cake with glitter icing.
3. One of the boys in Doris’ after school gardening club shows me the biggest raspberry I have ever seen.