Garden fun, Pepenbury and DID

30 11 2014

1. 2 for £6 breakfast at Notcutts, plus our Sage members free coffee. I never thought I would find myself liking garden centres after being dragged around them as a kid but it’s a fun outing. Must be getting old…
2. ‘Exercising’ on the outdoor equipment at Pepenbury with glorious views across the fields (and only the very faint hum of the A21!
3. Mat and the girls head to the cinema, Kirsty’s asleep in the buggy so I wrap a few pressies whilst listening the Damian Lewis on Desert Island Discs.*

* I am definitely getting old!


Insanity, soft toy kindness and sunny

29 11 2014

1. Back for more insanity circuits at 9am. I ache all over but it’s all over by 10am so I can go home and feel virtuous.
2. It’s fun but sweaty at the school fair (institutional heating + many people.) it’s a good one though and we are successful on the sweets tombola and pick up some other good things. Outside a lad comes up to Kirsty. He’s won a baby toy on the soft toy tombola and wants to give it to her.
3. It’s an unexpectedly sunny day. After the school fair the girls play in the park nearby and again outside when we get home.

Help, crafty tidy and tea out

28 11 2014

1. Isla trips over in the street and a very kind man holds onto the buggy while I rush to help her and even offers to push it through the narrow bit. ‘I’ve got three kids, I know what it’s like,’ he says.
2. Tidying up the craft (and crap) cupboard. Strangely satisfying.
3. Kids tea at the Velo house comes with a glass of wine (for the parents not the kids!) the girls Hoover up sausage and chips followed by jelly and ice cream while we all watch Danny McAskil on the big screen.

Chat, lady K and cookies

27 11 2014

1. I’ve never had so long a chat with a parcel delivery guy before. He tells me how busy he is but then is quite happy to stand on the doorstep for five minutes and chat.
2. Isla wears her princess crown to and from pre school. We put it on Kirsty to see what it looks like and call her ‘Lady Kirsty.’
3. Lidl stem ginger cookies. Pretty darned good.


Silence, tidy up and relaxed

26 11 2014

1. Isla’s back to pre school and I get a couple of hours to sort things (and enjoy the silence!)
2. I’ve never seen children fall over themselves in a bid to tidy up after a playgroup. The girls are practically fighting for the chance to clear everything away.
3. A late French pick up means a more relaxed evening, chance to watch The Apprentice and I’m a Celebrity.

Perked up, strip and flick

25 11 2014

1. After a very broken night, by mid afternoon Isla has perked up and is talking nineteen to the dozen.
2. We watch with amusement as a cheeky squirrel walks along the fence and then very deftly strips the bird feeder ball Isla made at pre school that we left hanging in the garden.
3. An evening bath means a chance to flick through some magazines.

Quiet, pick up and hampers

24 11 2014

1. Isla’s not well so we have a quiet morning. It’s cold out so it’s quite nice to snuggle under a blanket on the sofa.
2. A friend up the road offers to pick Doris up from school so I don’t have to take Isla out in the cold and it is very much appreciated.
3. This week’s French girls bring nice hampers of duck pate, biscuits and dessert wine.