First run, bath and tourist information

31 12 2014

1. First run in 18 months and a try out of my new Christmas trainers.
2. The pleasure of a post run bath.
3. Inspired by the leaflets in the tourist office, Doris writes her own on tunbridge wells and hands them out on the promenade.


Millennium, fry up and latte

30 12 2014

1. Walking four miles along the Millennium Coastal path.
2. The fry up and coffee at the end of it are very welcome as it is COLD.
3. There’s no cafetiere in the flat so the cafe latte in the caff a minute’s walk away is very welcome.

Three cliffs, skiddy and meet up

29 12 2014

1. We find Three Cliffs Bay after quite a search and quite a walk but it’s worth the effort – a stunning sandy beach and the sun feels warm on our faces.
2. After lunch we walk along the seaside path in The Mumbles. It’s slippery with ice and Isla has a great time holding onto Mat and me and skiing along. Reminds us of making ‘skiddy patches’ at home and in the playground.
3. Meeting Steve, Clara and their girls for the first time in over two years.

Off, sunset and sea scape

28 12 2014

1. Kodai’s taxi comes at 7.30 and we pack like mad to get on our way for 10. I’m always glad when that part of a holiday is done.
2. Arriving in Llanelli as the big orb of the orange sun sinks over the horizon.
3. The sea scape from our ‘holiday home’ window.

Panto, tree down and F and Cs

27 12 2014

1. Finally it’s Panto time and Peter Pan doesn’t disappoint.

2. Time to take down the tree. Normally when we do I feel sad but, it’s been up over three weeks and I am glad to clear it out and get back to ‘normal’.
3. Fish and chips, take away British fare for Kodai’s last night in the UK.

Thai, curiosity and baby cuddle

26 12 2014

1. Thai lunch and present exchange with Mike and Jo.
2. Getting Kirsty off to sleep, curiosity gets the better of me and I wheel round to look at our old flat. It hasn’t changed.

3. A cuddle with my newest niece.


Stockings, holy French and jolly lunch

25 12 2014

1. Opening the stockings in bed on Christmas morning is always the best bit.
2. In church Isla leans over to me – ‘is she talking French?’ she asks of the vicar…
3. A very jolly lunch at the Ashford Fletchers, including Christmas bingo, a Skype with A, S and baby H and Christmas cheese.