Nurse Mat, in the mag and soup

31 01 2015

1. I awake and vomit (dodgy prawn?) and am sick for most of the morning. Mat comes to my aid by bringing me fluid and taking the girls out so I can sleep.
2. I am cheered by Good Housekeeping magazine plopping on the mat and my ‘reader makeover’ is in it!*

3. I manage a bowl of Mat’s French onion soup without gipping – the nasty seems to have gone.
* supermodels, I don’t think you need to be worried about your jobs…


Helper, large pile and close dinner

30 01 2015

1. The changing room floor is sopping wet after Isla’s swimming lesson so I can’t put Kirsty down to help Isla change. A paediatric nurse and grandmother of seven comes to the rescue.
2. Admiring the lofty ceilings and many many rooms of a friend’s new house while there for lunch.
3. Dinner out at friends up the road. Kirsty wakes but we’re close enough for me to pop back and settle her and then return to finish dessert.

Brighten, coffee and posh sanger

29 01 2015

1. Today would have been Mum’s 71st birthday. I’ve arranged for a bargain box of flowers to arrive through the post to brighten the day.

2. One of the pre school French class Mums brings me an extra coffee she got, ‘cos she thought I might like it. I do, very much.
2. A large bacon and egg sandwich on posh olive bread with ‘posh’ baked beans cooked by the lovely Kate.

Breakfast helper, new neighbour and poppy

28 01 2015

1. Doris insists on preparing everyone’s breakfast, including juice.
2. Coffee and cake with a new neighbour and her new baby.
3. Our Tower of London poppy has arrived!


Pea pushing, pumping and fitter

27 01 2015

1. Isla and I spend a happy twenty minutes planting the sweet pea seeds to the soundtrack of Mary Poppins. Her finger is the perfect size for pushing the seeds into the compost.
2. Kirsty’s legs start pumping like Pistons with excitement in the bath when I pour water from a plastic bottle.
3. The abs exercises at Pilates are feeling easier, thanks to Saturday Insanity classes. I do definitely feel much fitter than 8 weeks ago.

On time, lunch companions and flower out!

26 01 2015

1. After a rough old night, I am relieved when I manage to deliver everyone to the right places on time.
2. Kirsty’s starting to wail sitting in her chair, but when Toby, Isla and Josie join her round the table she’s more than happy to sit and smile at them and to eat a little more of her lunch.
3. The daffodil on the scrubby patch by the pavement is out! The yellow bloom makes us smile on the way home from school.

Early riser, Ealing crowd and treetops

25 01 2015

1. I force myself out of bed at 7.45 for an hour’s run and return at 9am. Job done.
2. A very long overdue meet up of the old Ealing crowd, now dispersed across Southern England. Many now have kids and it’s lovely to see them all playing together at Kew Gardens while we toast Gemma and Joe’s engagement and tuck into cake for Gemma’s birthday.
3. Teetering amongst the trees along the treetop walkway. The structure sways a little but offers a great view. We calm our nerves and warm our bones in the nearby pub afterwards.