cake, moves and anniversary planking

31 03 2015

1. Last day to use the John Lewis free coffee and cake vouchers so I take Honoka there and we do our studying in the cafe whilst eating cake (theme is shopping so it definitely works!)

2. Watching week at dance club and Kirsty is loving the tunes and the moves. She can shimmy backwards at quick a lick now.

3. Some funny banter at Pilates and a chance to destress. Oh and chance to spend an hour with Mat on our 9th wedding anniversary, planking next to each other!


eggs, biscuit lesson and simple sups

30 03 2015

1. The girls decorate hard boiled eggs with googly eyes, stickers and pens. At the last count Isla’s egg had 8 eyes and counting…

2. The food and drink English lesson consisting of reading then following a biscuit recipe (and then eating the results) is a hit with all concerned.

3. A simple supper of pasta with a bacon, cream cheese and walnut sauce but by golly it tastes good.

shakes, nostalgia trip and Cheeky

29 03 2015

1. Burgers and shakes all round to escape the drizzle at the Carwash diner and meet up with Mike and Jo.

2. Blowing the cobwebs away on Bexhill seafront and then on a nostalgia trip at the Ladybird books 100th anniversary exhibition at the De la Warr. Followed by tea and cake at the Scotts.

3. Very proud of Mat who has published his Cheeky Charlie stories in paperback and on Kindle.

glad, stocks and super facial

28 03 2015

1. I don’t feel like it, but once I’ve done it, am glad I made it to this morning’s Insanity class.

2. Doris in the stocks at Bodiam Castle 


3. A Champneys ‘super’ facial and, because I always like a bargain, I’m over the moon it’s half price. Just lying down in a darkened room for an hour feels like a treat at the moment.

delighted swimmer, calm and Fuggles

27 03 2015

1. Isla’s swimming has come on leaps and bounds and its lovely to see the delight on her face when she’s in the water.

2. Another hour of calm at reflexology.

3. I finally make it to Fuggles beer cafe and we have a great night out with the Hassetts. Will miss them when they’re no longer just across the road.

rescue, experts and tatties

26 03 2015

1. A neighbour who I don’t know well comes to the rescue in the drizzle and stands with the kids while I run back to get Doris’ forgotten school bag.

2. ‘Meet the experts’ in year two is great. We get to eat curry, sniff spices, watch a puppet show and are entertained by 90 very proud six and seven year olds. Doris beams as we look through her topic books.

3. A neighbour arrives with enough seed potatoes for three bags that he has left over. Hopefully we’ll have some kilos of Charlotte potatoes in a few months.

board, blossom and tart

25 03 2015

1. Some mornings I am grateful that I haven’t sold the buggy board yet, and this is one of them.

2. Frothy blossom is appearing around the neighbourhood, slowly but surely.

3. The last of the treacle tart.