bounce, baba and curry

30 04 2015

1. The girls bounce into the room to wish Mat a happy birthday and help him open a few presents.

2. Falafel dipped in babaganoush.

3. Out for a curry with Mat’s birthday twin and other friends. We all share dishes and it’s great to try a bit of everything.


blossom, buggy escape and slide smile

29 04 2015

1. Our Apple tree is finally in blossom.

2. Kids getting a bit fractious in the afternoon – buggy club comes to the rescue!

3. Kirsty has a big smile on her face coming down the slide.

chums, pony tail and crumpet 

28 04 2015

1. Kirsty recognises a kindred spirit in another baby at Bikes and Slides – they shuffle very close together and stare and grin at one another.

2. A bargain hair cut for Isla and me. Annie puts Isla’s hair up in a band with a hair grip, which she is thrilled with.  

   3. A mug of tea and a jammy crumpet.

group, stir and car share

27 04 2015

1. First time for ages at Monday playgroup and it’s lovely to be back and chat to people I haven’t seen for a while.

2. I find the process of standing at the hob stirring stock into risotto for twenty minutes strangely therapeutic.

3. Watching four episodes of Peter Kay’s Car Share before they disappear from iplayer. Just brilliantly done.

american brunch, fat baby and marathon tears

26 04 2015

1. My idea of a perfect, American-style brunch – crispy bacon, pancakes with blueberries in maple syrup and mushrooms. Yum.

2. There is something very squidgeable about a fat baby in just a nappy. 

 3. Watching Paula Radcliffe finish her final London Marathon with tears rolling down my cheeks. Even her idea of doing it ‘for fun’ is still about half the time it took me!

Posh tea, Hospitality and MBE memories

25 04 2015

1. In what must surely be the longest strung out birthday celebrations in history, over a year later, I finally got my 40th birthday afternoon tea at Claridges. Thanks Fletchers! 

 2. The girls have a whale of a time in Ashford and barely notice we aren’t there, thanks to the amazing hospitality of the Princes Road posse. 

     3. In the pocket of the jacket I got out to wear for the day, I find my invitation to Dad’s MBE investiture at Buck Pal back in 2009 and it brings back happy memories of us all together (still wish I’d swiped one of the crown baubles from the royal Xmas tree…)

pot up, warm brownies and finally 

24 04 2015

1. Isla helps me pot up the tomato seedlings, naming them the ‘three bears, with two baby Bears’ as one is large, one is medium and two are small.

2. Jonna’s chocolate brownies – still warm from the oven and perfect with a latte.

3. Finally, and a little later than hoped (but better late than never), Mat and I get to sit on the sofa with a glass of red.