lazy, carry out and gentle end 

31 05 2015

1. A very Lazy start to Sunday, just how it should be but very rarely is these days.

2. I haven’t finished my beer by the time I leave the Moores so I carry it out down the street. Feels very decadent to be swigging from it in broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon!

3. A gentle end to a most enjoyable Half term.


pottery, sunny lunch and asparagus tea

30 05 2015

1. To Lewes for my birthday Pottery throwing present. Jess and I have such a good time and (much to my surprise!) show some skillz at Mohammed’s wheel. 

  2. Pub lunch in the East Sussex sun at the Half moon. Gorgeous countryside.

3. An Asparagus tea.

end, home and dry and winners 

29 05 2015

1. The end of our trip. After all that sun it’s raining so it feels time to say goodbye. We go for a fry up at the Long Itch diner before we part ways with the Craigs.

2. Home and dry (although still swaying) via the asparagus farm shop.

3. We get home to discover we’ve won a meal for two in Alison’s charity Raffle.

Pancakes, helm and Folly

28 05 2015

1. Pancakes with Nutella for brunch, cooked in the galley.

2. At the helm and quiet. I love being at the tiller, although I’m not good with corners. 

     3. Dinner at the Folly inn. Faggots cos I feel I should (memories of canal trips from 35 years ago), good beer and a rope swing for the kids to play on. 


Watford locks, barefoot and Paddington

27 05 2015

1. A Picnic in the sun by the side of the boat, followed by the famous Watford locks with the help of waterways volunteer Ian. 
   2. We’re hunting an aqueduct, and we do eventually find it, although it’s not quite what we were hoping for, but I do get a lovely barefoot stroll along the grassy towpath while Kirsty sleeps.

3. I finally get the watch Paddington, on DVD with the kids after tea. It’s great.

Fat man’s help, cake and good burger

26 05 2015

1. Through our first proper locks with the help of a rotund gentleman working for the Canalways. We start to get the hang off things despite a few bumps along the way -‘well they are called barges for a reason,’ a very kind lady tells us after we bump into her. 

     2. Birthday cake and fizz to celebrate Angus’ day.

3. Dinner out and a very fine burger and chips.

Civilised, off and moor up

25 05 2015

1. A nice, civilised set off for the hols, with not too much trauma over packing the car.

2. Taking over the barge and getting everything set up…and then we’re off!

3. The peaceful tranquility of mooring up in the middle of nowhere, without a care in the world. Birds singing, the ancient ridge and furrow fields nearby and a glass of wine in hand.