snooze, BBQ and silly chat

24 05 2015

1. Up at 6 with the youngest two but manage to snooze on the sofa while they watch CBeebies.

2. Sitting outside at our friends’ BBQ in Lamberhurst. Green all around and the birds are singing while we tuck into steak and salad.

3. Isla joins me for an afternoon lie down and we have a very silly chat about eating monkeys.


Simply Stylish, mucky chops and Euro bants 

23 05 2015

1. My personal shopping session with Vicky and I have never enjoyed shopping so much (normally hate it!) Three hours and an entire capsule wardrobe purchased – amazing. 

2. Isla has the mucky chops of someone who has truly enjoyed their ice cream. 

 3. Watching the Eurovision Song Contest while chatting on Messenger with our friends in Manchester. Very amusing and cheered us both up from our lingering cold misery. Wish we lived closer…

pub lunch, panto and in time for dinner

22 05 2015

1. A lovely and long overdue pub lunch in the garden with some of my oldest ‘mum’ friends.

2. Robin Hood spring panto. We are right on the front row and the girls love it.

3. The supermarket delivery arrives just in time for dinner so we can enjoy curry and telly.

unscathed, boats and choc in a bowl 

21 05 2015

1. Thankfully Kirsty emerges totally unscathed from pulling a cup of coffee over herself and the floor.

2. Playing boats in the garden using the upturned slide. 

       3. Maltesers in a bowl.

Twickers, mystery bag and sponge

20 05 2015

1. A lovely Lunch in Twickenham with baby Hana, Andrew, Shazia and Dad plus the first English strawberries of the year for pudding.

2. When we get home, a bag of school clothes for Doris is hanging on the front door. Takes me a while to deduce who they’re from (thanks grownup Hana!)

3. Cookie club saves the best til last – a warm Madeira sponge sits enticingly in  Doris’ tin and it tastes great with a cuppa.

pals, pull up and wardrobe 

19 05 2015

1. At Bikes and Slides, on several occasions Toby goes up to Kirsty and gives her a hug and at snack time they are very pleased to be sitting next to one another.

2. Kirsty pulls herself up to standing by the grey sofa for the first time ever.

3. Within minutes, Vicky whips my wardrobe into shape, colour codes it and is making plans for new things to put into it. Exciting.

force out, 40year old trousers and park trip

18 05 2015

1. Forcing myself to go out in the drizzle to the playgroup and I’m glad that I do.

2. Kirsty rocks a pair of dungarees that once belonged to her father. Very on trend. And we are both colour matching (unplanned!)

 3. The sun comes out long enough for a trip to the park with the Moores before school pick up.