pack, Wickle and roast

31 08 2015

1. Taking down the tent and packing everything away isn’t as horrendous as I thought it would be.

2. We stop for lunch at Wickle in Lewes, on the recommendation of a friend, and it’s a good one. 

 3. Roast chicken, roast potatoes and apple crumble for dinner.


swim, bus and friends

30 08 2015

1. We go for another morning sea swim. This time the girls join in. 

 2. The girls love the ride on the Beach bus and they love the free ice cream they get with their ticket even more.

3. We’ve made friends with the family camping next door, who are in a funky VW campervan. Their eldest has red curly hair, he looks like a cousin to our three. We toast marshmallows together and watch the neighbours’ dodgy fireworks.

swim, ponies and patter

29 08 2015

1. It’s a lovely sunny morning. Mat and I manage a morning sea swim – bracing but exhilarating! 

2. Spotting new forest ponies and cows at the side of the road. The girls can’t quite believe they are wild.

3. After tea and cake in Lymington the rain sets in so we set up the awning and eat dinner beneath it, listening the the comforting patter of rain on top. Later the rain clears so we can have a fire.

Dance, camp and flames

28 08 2015

1. Doris’s holiday dance club performance is great and I can’t believe they’ve learned such complicated routines in such a short time.

2. The journey to the New Forest is terrible but all forgotten once we get there and set up camp. 

 3. Toasting marshmallows on the campfire. 

Apples, cake and pub

27 08 2015

1. Picking apples from the tree in the garden. 

 2. Another month end and another trip to John Lewis to use up our coffee and cake voucher. 

3. A very enjoyable night out – a few glasses of wine, good chat and a faux fur try on.

Lidl, popcorn and GBBO

26 08 2015

1. After dropping Doris off at holiday dance club, the rest of us head to Lidl for the first time in months and it’s definitely at least a third cheaper than our usual shop.

2. Thanks to the rain, It’s a popcorn and Paddington sort of afternoon. 

3. The kids are asleep by the time the Great British Bake Off begins on TV. Hoo-rah.

Moomins, wet walk and Notcutts sanity check

25 08 2015

1. The Moomins film at Odeon kids club is a bargain at £2.50 a ticket and is a lovely, gentle story, unlike the usual hustle of bustle of kids movies.

2. We brave a walk around Pepenbury in the rain. I love playing the outdoor instruments, which echo through the silence of the wood. 

 3. Our old coffee group meet up at Notcutts for some indoor games and kids tea (and a much needed cup of tea and sanity check for the Mums!)