deliveries, yoga and moon

30 09 2015

1. A day of deliveries. And I manage to catch them all, without the need for a dreaded ‘we called but you were out card.’

2. An evening hot yoga session is very relaxing and de stressing. 

3. The moon on the walk home is beautiful, although the photo doesn’t do it justice. 



music, included and home moves

29 09 2015

1. Getting musical on the kitchen floor! 

 2. Kirsty is so delighted to be on the sofa with the big boys and girls for the afternoon that she practically sits on Artemus. 

 3. Mat’s home late so I have to miss Pilates but I manage to remember some moves so do 20 mins at home and am very pleased with myself.

slower, shopping and WI

28 09 2015

1. INSET day at Doris’s school means a slower start to the morning. 

 2. A girls shopping and cake trip. Doris is pleased with her purchases and I am pleased with my cake. Then a pub garden birthday lunch for Michelle.

 3. An ‘exploratory’ WI meeting in Tunbridge Wells. Some feisty women about and a real possibility of an additional WI for RTW North so should be some interesting time ahead…

cycle, roast and grunt work

27 09 2015

1. Round the family route at Bedgebury followed by a slab of Mat’s homemade millionaire’s shortbread.

2. A roast for Sunday lunch in the garden at the Vineyard, Lamberhurst with the Moores.

3. Clearing the decks ready for a much needed new shed. Garden grunt work can be strangely therapeutic.

picnic, run about and G&T

26 09 2015

1. A family picnic at Sheffield park.

2. The gardens are stunning, especially as the leaves are starting to turn. By the cricket pitch there is lots of room for the girls to run and each has space to practise dance moves, a ballet routine or just practise walking.

3. A Tanqueray G&T while babysitting down the hill.

garden lunch, hygienist and dinner 

25 09 2015

1. An unexpected lunch in the garden.

2. My first ever dental hygienist appointment. Painful but my teeth feel mighty clean at the end of it.

3. Friends round for dinner. Lots of laughs and good food.

Silence, sick and smell

24 09 2015

1. My Thursday student doesn’t turn up for class. I wait a good half an hour in case she’s stuck in traffic and enjoy the silence and the head space.

2. It’s hot at swimming and after Doris’s lesson Kirsty is sick at the side of the pool. We get several dirty looks from many of the gym members (but no offers of help.) The pool attendant comes to help and couldn’t be nicer. Instead of berating us the first thing he says is ‘Is she all right?’

3. ‘I like your smell, you smell of sweeties,’ says Doris as I give her a piggy back up to bed.