Boot camp, park and trick or treat

31 10 2015

1. Insanity boot camp – hard but I just manage to beat my scores from last time.

2. Having fun in the new improved Grosvenor Park. 

 3. Stephens Road proves a very happy hunting ground for trick or treating. 



Best costume, spine tingling and spooky spa valley

30 10 2015

1. Doris wins best costume at her dance club show. They’ve done four routines in two days and they are all great (thriller, ghostbusters, time warp and what’s that coming over the hill?) I can’t help jigging my shoulders along to the tunes. 

 2. I hear Adele’s new song on the radio for the first time and it stops me in my tracks. It is heart stoppingly haunting and beautiful.

3. I had very low expectations of the spa valley railway’s fright train experience but I was pleasantly surprised. Great fun and lots of entertainment. 


water slide, head gear and another favour

29 10 2015

1. First thing in the morning Isla draws a picture of ‘people going down a water slide.’ I think it’s pretty good. 

 2. Another day another Halloween activity. Mask making at the library. 

I prefer trying on the hats in the museum… 

3. Another day another favour from a friend and neighbour. Thanks to Sophie for picking Doris up from dance club while I played bus driver from town.

biccies, trail and no language barrier 

28 10 2015

1. Making pumpkin face biscuits for Halloween. 

2. Meeting with old NCT friends and doing the pumpkin trail at Scotney, which is looking lovely in the autumn afternoon sun. Doris’ friend Zach asks his Mum “is Doris my cousin?” It feels like she should be as they’ve known each other since birth. Yet again I am grateful to friends for help with lifts so I can fit everyone in the car. 


3. French and English children playing happily together despite the language barrier. I can hear Kirsty giggling with Tao from the other room.

spa, Al fresco and Neighbours

27 10 2015

1. After a hot morning bath, Doris wets a bit of card and places it on her face, ‘spa style’. 

 2. Lunch at Notcutts, OUTSIDE, in the sun, at the end of October! Before browsing the Christmas stuff – feels weird.   


  3. I love our neighbours- one looks after the girls while I pick up the French family from the station and another gives Doris his daughter’s outgrown Ugg boots which are in near perfect condition.

faith, video and matriarch 

26 10 2015

1. In desperate search of organic green beans for our 8 year old guest who has cancer and can only eat organic, I get the most outstanding customer service from Ryan in the big Sainsburys. Sometimes it takes something like that to completely restore your faith in the goodness of mankind.

2. All five kids love the free soft play in the shopping centre. Doris insists I take a video of her ‘being pushed’ off the sheep. I think he wants to send it to You’ve been framed. Not a chance love, not a chance. 

 3. I rather like Isla’s picture of the family, with me as the larger than life matriarch! 


clocks back pancakes, new park/new shoes and French family

25 10 2015

1. Pancakes for breakfast after an early the-clocks-have-gone-back start.

2. Checking out the new improved park in the sunshine. We bump into several people we know doing the same. Kirsty laughs heartily on the swings, checking out her new shoes. 

3. Our French guests arrive, a family of four coming to spend Halloween with us. The eldest boy is undergoing treatment for cancer. I hope we can give him a great week.