Tin, Tinga and remember

31 03 2016

1. We wake up to our 10th wedding anniversary. Cards from our parents plus Mat makes me a ‘tin’ one, as that’s the suggested gift for ten years!

2. After a massive Kirsty tantrum on the way there, we watch How lion became king of Tinga Tinga land at the theatre with friends and the girls have a lovely play in the theatre garden afterwards. Post event, Doris makes a play scene from a tissue box!IMG_0996

3. A game of squash and a curry out, remembering our happy day ten years ago and remembering the people who were there but are no longer with us.


Swim, castle and flowers 

30 03 2016

1. A swimming lesson with coach Kenny. I want to learn front crawl properly and am bricking myself but I absolutely love it and Kenny thinks I can definitely get there. He praises my kick and I’m a good ‘floater’! Hey, got to start somewhere.

2. Meeting up with Mat and the girls post swim in the lovely surroundings of Tonbridge Castle.IMG_5721

3. Anniversary flowers arrive from Anne and Peter.

Crafty, meet up and the blob

29 03 2016

1. Working on their Christmas gifts from Mike and Jo in the kitchen.

2. Meeting up with Chris, Eilidh and kids at Nymans for a woodland walk. As we live miles apart, we don’t see them often but always have fun when we do. Eilidh brings some daffodils as she’s remembered it’s our anniversary this week.IMG_5715

3. ‘The blob’ pizza dough taking over the kitchen – the finished result tastes fine though!IMG_5717

No damage, Richmond and spinny 

28 03 2016

1. Storm Katie has knocked stuff over in the garden but there doesn’t seem to be anything broken or damaged.

2. A walk in Richmond Park following by tea and Mike and Jo’s to celebrate Christmas*

3. Having fun on the spinny chair at Jo and Mike’s house.IMG_5707

* we didn’t get chance to see them at Christmas so this is our first opportunity to exchange gifts!

Hunt, Bodiam and chicken

27 03 2016
  1. When we get back from church, the Easter bunny has laid on an amazing hunt, including eggs hidden in the hole made by the gas diggers!

2. A trip to Bodiam in the break between rain showers.

3. Mat’s roast chicken with a glass of red.

Paper, bath and chips

26 03 2016

1. Buying the Saturday paper for the first time in weeks.

2. They don’t often all go in the bath together these days but it’s nice to see them when they do. 

 3. Chips for tea.

No alarms, egg tree and sheep cupcakes

25 03 2016

1. Feels good not to set any alarms.

2. Decorating the Easter tree – the eggs are harder to blow than I thought so we have a few casualties but the girls make a really good job of the four that are left. 

3. The girls enjoy their sheep cupcakes from one of Isla’s pals.