Sibling affection, sunshine and wine free catch up

10 01 2018

1. A rare moment of sibling affection on the way to school. Doris carries Kirsty’s bag and Kirsty carries Isla’s water bottle, totally unprompted.

2. The sunshine after several rainy days is very welcome.

3. A sober catch up with friends over a delicious healthy dinner, a revelation. I was sceptical before but proof that you don’t always need wine to have a good time!


Woodpecker, yoga and all that jazz

9 01 2018

1. We all stop to listen to the tap tap tap of a woodpecker on the walk from school to pre school.

2. First one in months but I manage to finish a 30 mins ‘yoga with Adriene’.

3. We absolutely murder All that Jazz from Chicago at the community choir rehearsal, and some of the lyrics make me laugh. We will get better though, but I can’t help wondering what Catherine Zeta Jones would say!

Married couple, butter me up and jolly good cake

8 01 2018

1. I’ve always wanted a butter dish and today one came up on the sale shelf at Sainsbury’s that I couldn’t resist. For a bargainous £4.

2. Kirsty and Isla play Mary n Joseph at the after school club. All goes well until Kirsty drops baby Jesus on the floor, takes his clothes off and leaves him bare to the world.

3. Cherry cake made from the Malory Towers section of my new favourite ‘Enid Blyton’ recipe book.

I’m back!

7 01 2018

Encouraged by a grey January and a need for positivity, I have decided to resurrect this blog! However, I don’t want time to get the better of me again so there might not always be ‘three happy thoughts’ but there will always be at least one a day, hence the name change to ‘daily happy thoughts’!

1. I spot a daffodil, my favourite flower, out in the garden at Standen National Trust.