Taking stock

26 07 2016

The observant among you will have noticed that I haven’t published any happy thoughts for a while. I have had the thoughts but life has got the better of me and I just haven’t managed to write them down! So I think it’s time to take a break. I may continue publishing them occasionally, but not in quite the same way as before. So here are three things I have learnt over the past 55 months:

1. Think happy = feel happy. Many times I’ve got to the end of the day and not felt very positive but, making myself think of three good things from that day has helped me feel better.

2. Friends and family have formed the majority of the posts. It doesn’t take much to make a little happiness, and money doesn’t really come into it.

3. Love transcends everything. Knowing you love and are loved is what it’s all about, even if one of the people you love isn’t there in person any more. On what would have been mum and dad’s 47th wedding anniversary, love knows no end, and there’s no happier thought than that x


Chemins blancs, mezzanine and barbies

29 05 2016

1. A run out along the ‘chemical blanc’ paths between the cognac vines. I get a bit lost and my phone battery nearly goes but the scenery is stunning.

2. A shot from the mezzanine of the ground floor, the house is truly lovely – old on the outside and very modern inside.
3. Our hosts lends the girls a big bag of his girls’ old barbies.

Pizza machine, window and arrival 

28 05 2016

1. We spy this pizza ‘vending’ machine in Normandy – genius.

2. A lovely window in the silence of the church.

3. A tea time arrival at Bois Blanc and supper (and wine!) is all ready in the fridge.

Writing, family portrait and early bed

27 05 2016

1. Isla loves any opportunity to practise her writing.

2. Not sure where this has come from but I find it on the floor. 

3. Enough time for Have I got news for you before an early bed ahead of a 3am start.

Fresh, long play and lunch 

26 05 2016

1. Freshly washed sheets hanging on the line.

2. Isla and Kirsty play so nicely on the trampoline for a good 45 minutes.

3. Lunch with Cheryl while Kirsty has a sleep in the buggy. I also get half an hour for quiet and a cup of tea while listening to Doris in her piano lesson next door.

Poo luck, hoops and bouncy run

25 05 2016

1. Kirsty does two poos, and Jenson one and all while I am out – plus they made it to the wheelie bin minutes before the bin lorry came. I love it when that happens!

2. At the last minute I put on my birthday present hoop earrings for a morning meeting, and get so many compliments on them and my appearance throughout the day. Must make an effort more often!

3. Mat forces me to go for a run, the first since the 10k race and…it feels great. Unlike running with a tummy bug like last time, I bounce along. Plus my new socks, gifted by neighbour Amanda for whom they were two big, are very comfy too. Then at the end of it pizza awaits, win, win win.

Twin cuddle, wisteria and united play

24 05 2016

1. A lovely cuddle with my friend up the road’s three week old twins. There are so adorable and petite – none of mine have ever been that small so it’s a novelty. Kirsty keeps putting toys near their heads for them to okay with – ‘there you go baby,’ she says.

2. The sweet scent of wisteria as I walk along.

3. Hearing the girls play so nicely on the trampoline…until Doris turns the hose pipe on!