Writing, family portrait and early bed

27 05 2016

1. Isla loves any opportunity to practise her writing.

2. Not sure where this has come from but I find it on the floor. 

3. Enough time for Have I got news for you before an early bed ahead of a 3am start.


Fresh, long play and lunch 

26 05 2016

1. Freshly washed sheets hanging on the line.

2. Isla and Kirsty play so nicely on the trampoline for a good 45 minutes.

3. Lunch with Cheryl while Kirsty has a sleep in the buggy. I also get half an hour for quiet and a cup of tea while listening to Doris in her piano lesson next door.

Poo luck, hoops and bouncy run

25 05 2016

1. Kirsty does two poos, and Jenson one and all while I am out – plus they made it to the wheelie bin minutes before the bin lorry came. I love it when that happens!

2. At the last minute I put on my birthday present hoop earrings for a morning meeting, and get so many compliments on them and my appearance throughout the day. Must make an effort more often!

3. Mat forces me to go for a run, the first since the 10k race and…it feels great. Unlike running with a tummy bug like last time, I bounce along. Plus my new socks, gifted by neighbour Amanda for whom they were two big, are very comfy too. Then at the end of it pizza awaits, win, win win.

Twin cuddle, wisteria and united play

24 05 2016

1. A lovely cuddle with my friend up the road’s three week old twins. There are so adorable and petite – none of mine have ever been that small so it’s a novelty. Kirsty keeps putting toys near their heads for them to okay with – ‘there you go baby,’ she says.

2. The sweet scent of wisteria as I walk along.

3. Hearing the girls play so nicely on the trampoline…until Doris turns the hose pipe on!

Flat vowels, yellow cars and Bertha

23 05 2016

1. Whilst reading with kids at Doris’s school, I am delighted when one of them says fast rather than farst. You can take the girl out of Donny…

2. Isla is obsessed with spotting yellow cars, and there seem to be a lot of them around at the moment. Kirsty and I get ridiculously excited when we spot 5 of them within the space of a minute on the way to playgroup, including a yellow Ferrari.

3. I spot Bertha* is on Amazon Prime video so put it on for the girls and they love it. Reminds me of happy days watching it with Andrew. “Bertha, lovely Bertha, you’re such a lovely machiiiiine.”

*cartoon about a machine that makes anything

Naming day, brolly and doughnut

22 05 2016

1. A lovely naming day for lovely Balthazar. Great speeches, food and drink and we even get to sit outside.

2. Walking home, sharing a brolly.

3. A reduced custard doughnut from Sainsburys and a cup of earl grey.

Nostalgia, chicken and sorted

21 05 2016

1. Such a lovely nostalgic experience seeing my old toys at the V&A museum of childhood in Bethnal Green, including the ballerina Sindy.

Girls worldweebles

fisher price hospital

2. Chicken dinner at the trendy Chicken Shop

3. Getting loads sorted whilst babysitting up the road.