Flat vowels, yellow cars and Bertha

23 05 2016

1. Whilst reading with kids at Doris’s school, I am delighted when one of them says fast rather than farst. You can take the girl out of Donny…

2. Isla is obsessed with spotting yellow cars, and there seem to be a lot of them around at the moment. Kirsty and I get ridiculously excited when we spot 5 of them within the space of a minute on the way to playgroup, including a yellow Ferrari.

3. I spot Bertha* is on Amazon Prime video so put it on for the girls and they love it. Reminds me of happy days watching it with Andrew. “Bertha, lovely Bertha, you’re such a lovely machiiiiine.”

*cartoon about a machine that makes anything


Naming day, brolly and doughnut

22 05 2016

1. A lovely naming day for lovely Balthazar. Great speeches, food and drink and we even get to sit outside.

2. Walking home, sharing a brolly.

3. A reduced custard doughnut from Sainsburys and a cup of earl grey.

Nostalgia, chicken and sorted

21 05 2016

1. Such a lovely nostalgic experience seeing my old toys at the V&A museum of childhood in Bethnal Green, including the ballerina Sindy.

Girls worldweebles

fisher price hospital

2. Chicken dinner at the trendy Chicken Shop

3. Getting loads sorted whilst babysitting up the road.

Music, ticket sorter and quiz!

20 05 2016

1. Walking up the road, a musician neighbour is practising his French horn in the window. I point him out to Kirsty and he plays a few bars of teddy bear’s picnic to amuse her.

2. It’s sad but there’s something quite satisfying about sorting out raffle tickets.

3. After much prep, the pre school quiz is a bit hit, and Jess and I love hosting it. Plus we raise enough money for the art event – win win.

French helper, and prez

19 05 2016

1. Kirsty comes with me to French class and she loves it and is a hit with the other kids there.

2. I love it that Isla and Kirsty go straight for the lockers when we arrive at swimming – they love hiding in there.

3. The annual meeting of the WI and I am elected President. A weird but exciting experience.

Paintings, rugby and quiz talk 

18 05 2016

1. Isla does some amazing paintings at pre school – love the colours and patterns.

2. Isla and Artemus try out rugby at Ready Steady Sport – fun to watch.

3. Going through the quiz with Jess over a couple of glasses of wine while she’s babysitting. Gotta love multitasking.

Headset, fun and thanks

17 05 2016

1. First swimming lesson for a couple of weeks. I have a special headset under my cap so Kenny can talk to me while I’m swimming- amazing.

2. Having fun with the shower cap.3. Ready for exercise after the 10k and a week off Pilates. My body says thanks.