fizz, auto admirer and Happy New Year

31 12 2011

1.  Plink, fizz, a soluble aspirin does the trick.

2. A man stops us in the car park to admire the Octavia and ask where we got it from. ‘Really?’ we ask.  Yes, really, it seems.

3. We hear local fireworks just after midnight and roll over in bed to wish each other a Happy New Year.


Swing sync, Royal Mail magic and street party

30 12 2011

1. The park is deserted but for our two friends and their boys.  All four children swing backwards and forwards in synchronisation.

2. We go to the sorting office to pick up a late Christmas parcel.  The address reads Canbridge Walls and the postcode is wrong but they still know it’s for us.

3. A cracking New Year’s Eve Eve celebration with friends up and down the road.

Le vent, mussels and bargain booze

29 12 2011

1. The wind at Cap Gris Nez is so strong it takes your breath away and pushes you this way then that.

2. Moules frites in a cream and garlic sauce

3. It’s good to go away but it’s good to come home.  We put our feet up and try a glass of our bargain French wine with some leftover Christmas cheese.

First taste, sleep and dancing lights

28 12 2011

1. We arrive in Le Touquet after an early morning start.  The first taste of a ‘pression’ beer and french bread with butter is so good.

2. An afternoon doze in the hotel as the rain patters on the window.

3. The Le Touquet Christmas lights are so pretty.  We walk through the ‘Enchanted Forest’ and the white lights dance in the trees as if by magic.

Oh so quiet, drinks and continental getaway

27 12 2011

1. Our house now seems enormous after the visitor exodus.  Time to put the new slippers on and be quiet for a bit…

2. The rest doesn’t last long as we have neighbourly drinks at three different venues along the road.  The kids play nicely, the prosecco goes down very well indeed and the walk home is very very short.

3. Isla’s passport has come through so we pack for a quick trip to France.  Clean pants, nappies, socks and our toothbrushes and we are all set to go. I love the fact that France is so close and it seems crazy that it’s quicker to get there than it is to get up North.

Snowman bashing, soup and festive dinner

26 12 2011

1. The snowman piñata is no more.  Doris and Emily set to it with a couple of broom handles.  Emily has a mean swing on her (the next female Tiger Woods perhaps?) and they soon decapitate him and get the sweets out.

2. Split pea and ham soup made with yesterday’s leftovers.  Lovely.

3. Another festive dinner for 13 this time.  We eat more food and drink more drink and swap more presents while the light-up snowman looks on, pining for his piñata mate perhaps?

Bulging stocking, personal Santa and dinner for 14

25 12 2011

1. ‘He’s been!’ Doris comes running in announcing that Father Christmas has indeed visited.  Then she takes her stocking into Granny Anne and Grandad Peter’s room to open it, while we have another snooze.

2. Just before dinner there is a knock at the door – Santa has come to pay us another visit. Doris and Emily are transfixed and we are sure that they will notice the elastic holding up his beard at any moment…but they don’t.

3. Dinner for 14 and the whole thing works out perfectly with nothing burned, no family arguments and smiles all round.  Oh, and a little too much port.