Mwah, rapunzel and 2013 approaches

31 12 2012

1. We make it to the park in the drizzle. I spend a very enjoyable 15 mins with Isla on the swings. As she comes towards me I lean forward and steal a kiss. ‘Mwah!’ I say and she laughs.
2. The Southborough panto is streets ahead of the assembly halls one and half the price. Funny, good songs, good lines, good dancing and a beer at the interval. Brilliant.
3. Kids finally in bed, Fiona, Angus, Mat and i settle down to homemade fajitas, cava and refried beans and the conversation twists and turns. Mat tells his excruciating GCSE music composition performance story and before we know it, it’s midnight. I miss the moment as I’m upstairs cleaning my teeth, trying to beat the queue for the bathroom. Rock n roll…happy new year.


Windy walk, picnic and pre NYE drinks

31 12 2012

1. A windswept walk on the beach at Seaford. Isla looks so shocked and surprised at the strength of the wind, which nearly blows her little frame right over.
2. A hardcore winter picnic in seven sisters country park.
3. Pre New Year’s Eve drinks at the Trading Post that turn into a good old sing song around the old joanna at Lizz and Rob’s with some furious bongo playing.

Seal skate, giant scone and tv catch-up

29 12 2012

1. More skating, this time of the ‘toddler skating’ variety. Doris isn’t sure and mostly sits on the plastic seal while I push her around.
2. Mat makes a Mary Berry cheese scone round, which is essentially a giant cheese scone and tastes amazing warm with butter and a cup of tea.
3. A night in, drinking Christmas present beer, eating homemade pie and watching various bits of Christmas comedy on catch-up.

Burgerlicious catch up, TV and Torvill and Dean

28 12 2012

1. Meeting old friends Carrie and Shari for the first time in 20 months at the Diner in Soho. Good to catch up and the burger and milkshake is delicious.
2. A new telly.
3. Evening ice skating with Mat. It’s been damp so there only about twenty people on the ice and they are belting out eighties tunes on the sound system. Brilliant.

Curry club, pantastic and dreaming of Scotland

27 12 2012

1. The final round of gift swapping of the season with Mike and Jo who pop in for coffee and to pick up the inlaws. Pressies include a 3 month subscription to a curry club which posts you spices for a curry feast once a month.
2. The girls (and mat and I) love the Panto. Front row seats mean we don’t miss a thing, including spotting the lip-syncing to the songs by the wicked stepmother. Doris is very taken with the dwarves and Isla loves grooving to old McDonald at the end and washing her hands in the sink at the interval.
3. Enjoying a quiet night in, reading one man and his bike and contemplating going to northwest Scotland for a trip.

Porridge n panto, Runnymede and bed

26 12 2012

1. Boxing day porridge chez Grandad Duggerly followed by the Cbeebies Panto.

2. We get out into the fresh air alongside the Thames at Runnymede.  It’s soggy underfoot but we spot a metal fence that has been ‘incorporated’ into a tree and run the gauntlet of a large roadside puddle (dignity remained intact).

3. It’s good to go away but it’s good to come back to your own bed.

He’s been, prayers and Father ‘Andrew’ Christmas

25 12 2012

1. The scrunching of paper as Doris finds her full stocking hanging on the back of her door. She then collects mine, and Isla’s, and Mat’s and we all sit on the bed and open them.

2. The girls are impeccably behaved at church, although Doris is most perturbed she’s not allowed the wafers and wine at communion. We say a prayer for Granny M who loved this time of year.

3. Top quality food, top quality company and top quality presents in Ashford with the Fletchers and Farooquis.  Plus a visit from Father Christmas for the Secret Santa who had ‘Uncle Andrew’s eyes’ according to Doris.  You can’t fool that one.