Fry up, storyteller and productive 

31 01 2016

1. A brunch visit to the Daily Bread cafe in Rusthall, where they make their own sausages, bacon, baked beans and ketchup. The best fry up I’ve had in a long time.

2. The girls (and Mat and I) are very impressed with the storyteller on Storytelling Day at the local park. So engaging I don’t want to leave!

3. A productive worky catch up with a friend up the road over a glass of red.


Toast, emergency shoes and parade

30 01 2016

1. Post Insanity coffee and toast.

2. We’re already in town before I realise I’ve forgotten Kirsty’s shoes. Luckily BHS is still open so I whip in and snap up a pair of skater shoes for £3 in the sale!

3. The Lantern Parade is great. We haven’t been for a few years and it’s lovely to walk along as part of the procession, helping represent Isla’s pre school.

French coach, mocking bird and sitting pretty

29 01 2016

1.Doris’s French coaching sheets for Isla make me smile. 




2. On what would have been Mum’s 72nd birthday, after bath time I sing Hush little baby, don’t say a word, Papa’s going to buy you a Mockingbird to Isla, just as I remember Mum singing to me.

3. Babysitting up the road with a roaring fire, glass of wine and Gatsby on Amazon instant video.

Ted, sisters and thanks

28 01 2016

1. Pre school ted comes to visit. 

2. Three sisters in harmony on the way home from school. 

 3. “Thanks for letting me have piano lessons Mum,” Doris pipes up in the car on the way to her slot.

Facial, skittles, favour

27 01 2016

1. An hour’s facial while a friend looks after Kirsty – such rare luxury and I savour every minute.

2. An impromptu game of skittles in the hall. 

 3. A friend picks Doris up from school to save us going out in the wind and rain and I am so grateful not to have to venture out again into the bad weather.

Two days, heart and roll ups

26 01 2016

1. Peering in the pram at a two day old baby – she looks so contented and so perfect.

2. Isla finds the yoghurt on her lid is in the shape of a heart. 

 3. After over a year of abs roll ups at Pilates, i finally feel I’ve got them nailed.

Holdy hands, soup and note to self

25 01 2016

1. Kirsty and her mate Toby holding hands in the double buggy on the way to playgroup. 

 2. Soup for lunch, with bread and butter.

3. Doris’s note on the board about her homework, sneakily doctored by Mat…