Help, slow down and throw 

30 11 2015

1. Grateful for the help of lovely Dawn and Daphne as they take Isla to and from pre school and deliver supplies of bog roll and formula while I am house bound with an upset tummied Doris.

2. The enforced day at home makes me stop for a while as I am soooo tired.

3. In bed by 9pm, under my new Helen Moore throw.*

*Latte, if you want to know!


Break lie out, FC and hair up

29 11 2015

1. The rest of us have breakfast out while Doris goes to a pizza making party.

2. A visit to the big FC at Brookside Garden centre. Kirsty is dazzled by all the sparkle.

3. Trying out the hair accessory that came with her pressie from Father Christmas in his grotto. 


Encouragement, party girl and SRers night out!

28 11 2015

1. Insanity – feels like hard work today but encouraging words from my pairs work partner at the end sees me through.

2. Doris’s big Christmas party night out, with her friends Tilly and Olivia. 

 3. Six of us Stephens roaders pile into a cab for dinner at a former Stephens roader couple. Lovely.

Crafter, quieter and ordered!

27 11 2015

1. Isla crafts various bits for me, including an envelope to keep it all in! 

 2. After the busyness of last weekend, a quieter start to the weekend.

3. I order the beef Wellington for Christmas Day, four weeks today!

Mugs, pick up and appt TV

26 11 2015

1. Isla and Kirsty’s christening mugs have arrived in the post from uncle Ju and Aunty Atsuko. 

 2. Doris’s friend Delilah’s Mum picks her up from the school trip ‘the most epic school trip ever Mum!’ so I can take Isla to her swimming lesson.

3. Thursday nights mean another episode of Dectectorists and quite possibly the best thing in TV (and certainly the only thing I watch on BBC4!)

Wrap, pizza and nativity

25 11 2015

1. A quiet morning gives me a chance to wrap a few Christmas parcels.

2. Pizza for tea  

 3. Doris’s friend Tilly comes to tea and she, Doris, Isla (and Kirsty?!) act out a nativity in the spare room, complete with tea towels on heads!


Grown up meeting, topknot and Windvale Sprites

24 11 2015

1. A grown up meeting about potential work where I have to wear proper smart clothes. Been a while since I’ve had one of those!

2.  Tying Isla’s hair in a topknot, using just her hair. It’s really growing now. 

3. Reading Mackenzie Crook’s The Windvale Sprites with Doris. Is there no end to this man’s talents – actor, writer, and he’s even drawn the illustrations!