Anniversary, flicks and confectionery

31 03 2014

1. Eight years of marriage today – how the time has flown.
2. Surely my last child-free daytime trip to the cinema for quite some time so I make the most of it – sitting watching Gravityin a premier seat with my 3D specs and a box of Maltesers.
3. A veritable confectionery aisle of gifts from this week’s French students, two of whom are called Lucie, nice and easy to remember.


Homemade, posy memories and common

30 03 2014

1. A breathtaking array of homemade Mother’s Day goodies, including perfume in a jam jar, dried play dough shapes and about four different cards – all proudly presently in a washing up bowl.

2. At the Mothering Sunday service the girls trot up the aisle to collect a posy each for me. Fond memories of Mothering Sundays gone by when I did the same for my Mum.
3. We ditch the idea of a drive to the sea and have a picnic on the common instead, randomly joining up with the Moore family. The children dig happily in the sand, while we chat.>

Cross country, safari and live

29 03 2014

1. We eschew the M20 for a cross country trip to get to Port Lympne and it’s well worth it – winding lanes and beautiful countryside.
2. Winning two free tickets to the Port Lympne safari park as part of Kent’s BIg weekend. The girls love seeing giraffes, elephants, lions etc in the flesh and I survive the safari truck ride without going into labour…
3. Drinks and a live band in a local pub for a friend’s birthday, with babysitting courtesy of K, who has to endure Doris displaying all my impending homemade Mother’s Day gifts in a washing up bowl.

Assembly, washing and wine

28 03 2014

1. Doris’ class assembly is a triumph and she performs her role as a ‘duck-billed dinosaur’ well and gets lots of laughs from the video she appears in with Bo.
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2. A load of washing out on the line.
3. After a glass of the 2005 Bourgogne brought by one of this week’s French girls, we realise it’s a pretty decent drop and not your regular supermarket bottle.>

Best parents, long sleep and TV dinner

27 03 2014

1. When we wake up, Doris has laid a trail of letters spelling out ‘ I love you’ and has made us a card telling us we are the ‘best perants evu’.
2. A long and much-needed lunchtime sleep.
3. Mat’s home late so I guzzle pizza and supermarket-reduced pannacotta in front of the telly.

Chilly coffee, kip and bonbon

26 03 2014

1. A sunny, if slightly chilly, coffee break in the garden.
2. Isla and I both fall asleep on the sofa and enjoy an hour’s skip under the blanket.
3. The French girls bring us all a bonbon during bedtime story time.

Wallow, stop over and red

25 03 2014

1. At swimming I am no longer able to chase Isla round the pool so I wallow in the warmth while Isla ‘follows’ the teacher’s instructions.
2. An old friend and her daughter come to stay the night on a stop over from Lincoln. So lovely to catch up.
3. A small glass of smooth red.