Birthday, bluebells and burger

30 04 2016

1. The girls bundle into the bedroom bearing breakfast, gifts and cards for Mat’s birthday. They love the occasion just as much as he doesn’t and Kirsty especially loves the blueberry pancake breakfast that follows.

2. Emmetts Garden for lovely bluebell walk and a perfect spot for some birthday cake (and a cheeky glass of prosecco for the grown ups) with Dawn, Ash and Daphne. There are some dressing up clothes in the teepee there.

3. A walk round Grosvenor Park in the pink light of the setting sun followed by a double decker burger in the Bottlehouse Inn at Penshurst. The air out there smells of the country – muck, woodsmoke and freshness.


Wings, found and mask

29 04 2016

1. Doris prints out and decorates some butterfly wings for Kirsty and Isla.

2. At Notcutts we turn round and Isla has disappeared. After frantic searching and an announcement on the tannoy, she is found. I am very grateful to the staff, who are wonderful.

3. Showing off the mask she has made at pre school.

Bloody option, portrait and help out

28 04 2016

1. Mat takes on the mantel of the swimming lesson/piano lesson run while I give blood. I think I get the better option as it’s much more relaxing, I have a nice chat with a friend I bump into there, and I get a snack afterwards.

2. Isla draws a picture of Mat. I absolutely love it!

3. A neighbour kindly helps out for ten mins while I go to pick up the students. She comes round in her slippers bringing a cuppa and the Radio Times – I love this street!

Food drop, shoes and letter

27 04 2016

1. Feeling emotional dropping off the WI donations for the Calais Jungle food bank – our members have been so generous.

2. Without prompting, Kirsty puts on her shoes, and they are on the correct feet!

3. Inspired by a classmate, Doris writes a letter to the PM asking him to reconsider the vote on allowing 3000 more child refugees into Britain. Will put tomorrow ahead of further vote next Tuesday. V proud.

Citadel, acclimatise and snow!

26 04 2016

1. Mat and Kirsty build a citadel of duplo. I manage a five mile run – nearly there with the 10k training. 

2. Putting the courgettes outside to ‘acclimatise’. 

 3. Snow! At the end of May! After bathtime, the girls out on their coats to play for five minutes in the garden, Isla insists on putting her ‘Helen Moore’ on to complete the look. 


Remote, cool passenger and Bouve meet up

25 04 2016

1. After it has been missing for nearly two years, we finally find the DVD remote control…down the back of the sofa.

2. En route to Docklands to meet the Bouves.

3. Playing with the jingly jangly curtains in the loo at Wahaca Canary Wharf. A lovely meet up with Phil, Helene, Alexandre and Georges – so lovely we didn’t get round to taking any photos! 


Spa, pizza and homecoming

24 04 2016

1. Escaping for a spa day in Hastings. A-ma-zing. I feel like I’m gliding at the end of it.

2. In pizza express for a late lunch, with time to chat, eat and drink prosecco (and no small people to have to feed/entertain/toilet!)

3. When you walk through the door after a day away and all the kids rush to greet you.