Jabs, sweet and child free shopping

30 06 2014

1. Kirsty is a little grizzly for her 8 week jabs but they are over soon enough and she sleeps off any grizzles in the car afterwards.
2. The bunch of Sweet Williams in the Coop is reduced to 75p – it would have been rude not to. And at the self checkout I find 60p in the change tray so it is effectively 15p, bargain.
3. At 8pm I nip out to Asda for some nappies and enjoy my child free hour. Plus, a day for bargains, the cartons of Ribena are reduced to 30p for a pack of four.


Dream swim, cake vouchers and Scotney

29 06 2014

1. After Monday’s sweaty hell at the swimming pool, Doris’ new lesson at a new venue is a dream.
2. The penultimate day to use our John Lewis coffee and cake vouchers and we are in there. Didn’t want to miss out like last month (still smarting about that…)
3. Scotney Castle is so busy that we have to use the overflow car park, but it’s in a field and the walk along the grassy path to get to the entrance is stunning, plus there’s a swing slung from one of the mighty oaks on the way.

Colour, party and chicken n chips

28 06 2014

1. The tiny blob of food colouring turns the icing a very satisfying shade of pink. The girls help me stir it in and then ‘help’ me add sweets to the top of the cake (which later wins the street party cake comp, albeit the best cake out of three entries!)
2. The street party is finally here. More low key than other years but it’s still such a thrill to be able to amble down the middle of the road and eat and drink with friends out in the street.
3. Last night’s roast chicken with chip shop chips and bread and butter. Nuff said.

Swing, tax relief and Friday Night Dinner

27 06 2014

1. A quick sunny swing in the neighbours swing set while we water their garden.
2. The relief when we realise Mat’s got the wrong figures and we DON’T owe the huge amount in tax we thought we did for about 2 hours.
3. The return of Friday Night Dinner on Channel 4. OK so I’m a week late but worth a mention as it’s just brilliant.

New clothes, attention and first laugh

26 06 2014

1. I can’t live in maternity clothes any longer so bite the bullet and buy a few things for summer.
2. Kirsty gets a lot of attention when we are out and about in town, particularly from ladies of a certain age in M&S.
3. A little reticent at first but Kirsty is definitely laughing when Mat gurns at her.

Baby talk, haircut and tennis

25 06 2014

1. I enjoy chatting to another new Mum at buggy club – some conversations you can only have with someone who has recently experienced the same things…
2. The bi-monthly ish Waugh girls haircut at Annie’s. Lollipops all round and the girls enjoy gathering up the hair sweepings for future use (!)
3. Today at Wimbledon.

Walk, picnic and sleep

24 06 2014

1. We walk up to playgroup in Southborough. It takes half an hour but we are very pleased with our efforts when we get there. Jess has brought a flask of coffee, which we are grateful for.
2. A post dance club picnic tea in the park. Isla helps with delight as I push her higher and higher on the swings.
3. Kirsty actually goes to sleep just after 830, meaning I get a little time in the evening to get a few things sorted.