Bunnies, Frozen pic and risotto

29 02 2016

1. Seeing the pure joy on Kirsty’s face when it comes to the Sleeping Bunnies song at playgroup and she gets to jump around.

2. Isla makes a Frozen-tastic picture at the Sharpe’s house. 

 3. Mat cooks a simple but delicious lemon and herb risotto for dinner.


Elevenses, seaside and bath listen

28 02 2016

1. The pleasure of hot chocolate and a cake for elevenses. 

 2. To the coast for a bit of winter sunshine, wind and culture at the De la Warr pavilion. 

 3. Listening to Desert Island Discs in the bath.

Fairy cakes, 1988 and posse 

27 02 2016

1. Pleased with my fairy cakes (inspired by Isla calling them this name the other day, I am refusing to call them cupcakes and instead reverting back to the year 2000 and earlier name.)

 2. It’s 1988 on pick of the pops. I sing and dance along to all the tunes (much to the girls’ amusement) and am taken right back to my 14 year old self! Tiffany, Taylor Dane, Kylie et al. 

3. Doris’s friend Tilly comes for a sleepover and the girls form a ‘posse’ as they call it. 

Mat and I are out in the evening so we leave the getting them to bed bit to the babysitter!

Bunches, butty, Beebies

26 02 2016

1. Bunches for Isla and Kirsty 

2. A chip shop chip butty with fresh bread and butter for lunch.

3. Isla designs a picture of various CBeebies characters for me to send in to the TV channel. 


Sentence, portrait and AOGG

25 02 2016

1. Isla’s first written sentence at pre school gets her a mention in the newsletter. 

2. Another week, another family portrait by Isla. 

 3. While Mat’s out for the night, I allow myself the guilty pleasure of watching Anne of Green Gables in its entirety.

Sharing, Poppins and Delish Dinner

24 02 2016

1. I love going into Doris’s classroom on a sharing learning day. She is so proud to show off her books (and her sisters!)

2. I am awe when the ready steady sport pulls a volleyball net out of his tiny bag, a la Mary Poppins!

3. Girls dinner at Jen’s. So lovely and check out the healthy but delicious dinner… 


Double bands, statues and cracking

23 02 2016

1. Kirsty goes for the two headband look. 

 2. Pretending to be statues on the school run 

 3. The satisfying ‘cracking’ feeling when stretching out my back in a reverse curl in Pilates.