Time to read, stare em out and pizza roller

31 01 2012

1. I have 45 minutes to read more of the latest Book Group book, ‘The Poison Tree’ by Erin Kelly.  It’s a gripping tale.

2. At the chemist to pick up Doris’ prescription, the pharmacist looks into Isla’s car seat. ‘She’s got quite a stare hasn’t she?’ The other staff crowd round to have a look. It’s quite obvious that Isla would beat them all hands down in any staring competition.

3. By tea time, Doris seems to be feeling better. She helps me roll out the pizza for tea and puts on the toppings very nicely.


Lard loss, freshly baked and afternoon escape

30 01 2012

1. I have lost another 3llbs on the New Year Diet, and that’s even after yesterday’s chocolate fudge cake lapse.

2. The bread rolls I have just made smell so good as I take them out of the oven.

3. Doris is still off nursery with a temperature.  As soon as Mat gets home, I rush out for a walk with Isla in the pram.  It’s good to get out after being cooped up all day.

Birthday gathering, favourite hymn and fudge cake

29 01 2012

Today is Mum’s birthday.  She would have been 68 today. I think back to a year ago when we were all together at the rowing club dinner dance. A photo of us all sits in each of our houses, preserving the moment forever –  just over two weeks later she was gone.

1. Despite a later arrival than expected, thanks to Doris’ high temperature, we manage to all get together for Emily’s birthday celebration and raise a glass to both Emily and Mum.

2. Andrew tells me one of the hymns at church this morning was ‘Be Still’, one of Mum’s favourites.

3. The chocolate fudge cake I had already cut up for the freezer thinking we wouldn’t make it to the party is reconstructed and tastes delicious.

Park life, bacon roll and football magic

28 01 2012

1. The local park is holding an open morning to showcase upcoming events and projects and we go to have a nose around.  I can’t believe there used to be an outdoor swimming pool there back in the early 20th Century.  As I walk past their stand, the bowls club make a concerted effort to recruit me…

2. A homemade bacon and egg roll so delicious the yolk dribbles down my chin as I eat it.

3. We pop into our neighbours for a drink and the boys are watching the football. ‘Go for a wee Mum, we always score when you’re in the loo.’ She does and they do – amazing.

Swim credit, green shoots and local drinks

27 01 2012

1. Doris has a ‘too high to go to nursery temperature’, which means Isla and I won’t be able to go swimming.  Just as I am about to ring the sports centre to say we can’t make the lesson, the centre rings to say the pool has had to be closed and we’ll get a refund for that lesson.

2. I walk down the garden to empty the compost bin and dozens of green shoots are poking above ground – it won’t be long before the daffodils are here.

3. Cheryl’s birthday drinks at the Trading Post.  It’s great to be able to walk just five minutes down the road for good wine and good company.

Cartoon cloud, Donny catch up and Street Party planning

26 01 2012

1. You know the clouds in cartoons that form a human face and look as if they’re blowing really hard to represent wind?  I see a cloud just like that while I am driving down the M3.

2. I meet up with four friends from Donny who are scattered all over the country.  We only see each other maybe twice a year and it’s always good to catch up.

3. The first Street Party Committee meeting of the year at Cat’s.  A combination of organisation, wine and gossip – marvellous.

Morning walk, baby friends and French film stars

25 01 2012

1. I was dreading getting 5 children out of the house this morning and walking to the sports centre on time so the French girls could catch the coach but the mood is jolly, the walk enjoyable and we get there with loads of time to spare.

2. Everyone at the baby group is very friendly and Isla enjoys the sing song at the end, although she does bring up some milk when we try and do the actions to head, shoulders, knees and toes.

3. The French girls are bubbly and full of fun at dinner.  They ask us which French stars we know.  All we can come up with are Gerard Depardieu, Johnny Halliday, Vanessa Paradis and Marion Cotillard.  They can’t believe we haven’t even heard of Jean Dujardin from ‘The Artist’.