cake, lost and found and garden pizza

31 07 2015

1. Enjoying our free John Lewis coffee and cake before the voucher runs out at the end of the month. 

 2. We’re halfway to the car before we realise the shopping bag is no longer on the trolley. I run back to the shopping centre soft play with a heavy heart…but the bag is there on the floor where we dropped it!

3. Pizza in the garden. Kirsty’s face when she tries some of our broad bean and feta salad is priceless. Not a fan.


baking, Mathletics and fizz

30 07 2015

1. A quiet day but the girls are keen to bake something. All I did was weigh out the ingredients but the mixing, forming and squishing was all down to them and they made some mighty fine biscuits. 

2. Doris is very excited to print off her first Mathletics certificate as she’s  finally done enough online maths in a week to get one.

3. A quick couple of glasses of fizz to toast Sophie’s new kitchen.

guandong pinup, Bodiam delight and curry

29 07 2015

1. Kirsty wears a Leander Club t shirt that was bought by Mum six years ago for Doris and we never got round to wearing. At Bodiam castle she has a gaggle of teenagers from Guandong queuing up to have their photo taken with her. Not many gingers in Guandong then… 

2. Picnics, playing, ogling big fish, ice creams and whizzing round in the buggy with Granddad at Bodiam. 

3. Curry out and a pint of Kingfisher.

pick up, bunches and fridge cake

28 07 2015

1. Kirsty’s asleep at holiday club pick up time so Cheryl collects Doris and drops her off on their way home.

2. The girls both insist on bunches in their hair. I show them an old photo of me with the same style, much to their amusement.

3. Heather and Matilda come for a cuppa and bring some delicious chocolate fridge cake bites that I can’t help eating.

no school run, Pepenbury meet and beans

27 07 2015

1. First Monday of the school holidays and, although the night’s been another broken one, it feels so good not to have to rush out of the door in order to get to school on time.

2. Meeting up with three friends and their children at Pepenbury. There are nine children in totally and they all at together really well, organising role play games in the wood etc while the Mums chat. The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been if I’d taken a flask of coffee (or gin!)

3. The First broad beans and peas from the garden. Better late than never.

Paris bound, Pierre Loti and sofa time

26 07 2015

1. Louise heads back to Paris, leaving the girls a sweet note. We will all miss her.

2. While Mat and Doris leave for the bright lights of London and Matilda, Isla, Kirsty and I settle for Asda and the newly opened Pierre Loti Bistro. Very good it is too.

3. Settling in for the afternoon with popcorn and Paddington on Amazon  instant video. 


magic, beer and L.A.

25 07 2015

1. At the Pantiles Vintage (aka second hand) fair, a street magician performs practically his entire show for us, although he did put on a bit of a fake American accent, which I wasn’t entirely convinced by…

2. After a party collection from Minor Mania, we check out the beer festival in the nearby pub. We then head back to pick up Doris from a friend’s pamper party. She’s had her hair straightened, her nails painted and is sporting a new pink fluffy dressing gown.

3. While Mat is out babysitting I can guilty pleasure watch Love Actually. It feels a bit weird to watch all the Christmas themed stuff in July.