lie in, alone and Miss Saigon 

28 02 2015

1. Mat takes Kirsty downstairs in the morning and, before I know it, it’s 9am and I’ve had a lovely lie in.

2. The thrill of catching a train to London alone, with no one else to look after but myself and a magazine to keep me company. The the nostalgic buzz of seeing old haunts as I walk up from Charing Cross to Soho.

3. Meeting up with old mates, having a burger and a glass of wine and then seeing the most AMAZING production of Miss Saigon. Wow.*

*All made possible by Mat, to whom I am very very grateful.


Coffee, reward and laughs a plenty 

27 02 2015

1. A change of venue for the Friday French class, to a cosy italian cafe where the smell of coffee hits you full in the face as you walk through the door.

2. ‘I’m a good helper aren’t I?’ Isla says as she carries the shopping bags to the car. She is rewarded with a large muffin and hot chocolate using our John Lewis loyalty reward vouchers.

3. Down to Bexhill for another PTA curry and quiz night. We come joint first but lose in the rubbish Star Trek tiebreaker question. We retire to the pub to drown our sorrows but I haven’t laughed so much in ages and it’s fun to be sitting in a pub on a Friday night again.

stuck, froggy comes a courting and leftover

26 02 2015

1. First French lesson back after half term and one of the new songs is stuck in my head already – in a good way.

2. As we leave the house to pick Doris up, Isla and I spot two fat frogs sitting on the doorstep. We are so surprised they make us jump.

3. Eating the leftover cake batter after mixing a banana loaf.

Sort out, stats and Wolf Hall

25 02 2015

1. Kirsty sleeps for a good two hours in the morning so I can have a coffee and sort out all those ‘bitty’ things I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

2. I finally look up my stats for the half marathon and see I was the 393th woman to finish and the 129th woman in my category (age 35-44).

3. The end of Wolf Hall. Gripped to the end and now with a major crush on Mark Rylance.

Buns, beautiful and back to it

24 02 2015

1. A friend and her son visit and bring apple hot cross buns. Didn’t know they were a thing but they are delicious.

2. Isla brings home a picture of Mat and me that she’s done at pre school. I must say I come out much better than Mat!

3. Back to Pilates. Hurts but my post-run legs feel much better after it.

Bread bag, achy but on time and warm undercarriage

23 02 2015

1. Overnight the bread machine has made me a beautiful..bread handbag. The bread inside has all come out, leaving a hollow ‘bag’ crust with a hinged lid!

2. Aching legs after the Half marathon but I still manage to get to school on time for the start of term and it’s a lovely morning.

3. After the cold, regular double in Spain, it’s nice to get back to the electric under blanket and a bigger bed. Rock n roll.

Ran it, spotted and ate it

22 02 2015

1. Running 13.1 miles around the beautiful Kent countryside and raising nearly £1000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care in memory of Mum AND knocking two mins off my half marathon PB – pleased with all that.
2. Knowing Mat and the girls were waiting to cheer me on at mile 12 and feeling a real lift when I spotted them.
3. Shovelling food and drink with impunity for the rest of the day, knowing it was ‘guilt free’!