Progress, tricking and luscious lashes

31 10 2012

1. After last week when Doris’ swimming teaching said she was going backwards (metaphorically not actually!), I was dreading this week’s lesson. But she finally relents and puts her face in the water and there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel…
2. The concept of Trick or Treating is very alien to Doris. She can’t understand why people give you sweets just for dressing up and ringing their doorbell but she is very happy to put them in her bag. After about half an hour we ring a friend’s bell. She’s run out of sweets but offers us a cup of tea and a biccie.
3. My eyelashes are miraculously dark again after my bi-monthly trip to the therapy rooms. I look in the mirror and immediately think I look less tired.


Walking penguin, old tune and bargain remedy

30 10 2012

1. Isla waddles penguin-style across dad’s lounge, a massive 6 steps in a row, beating her previous best by 3 steps. She is mighty pleased with herself.
2. The girls are asleep as I pull into Tesco car park so I have 5 mins to listen to the radio and sing along to Kirsty mccoll’s new England. It’s part of today’s ‘non-stop oldies’ though so I must be getting old…
3. I complain of a dodgy tum so Mat brings me some Actimel home from the Coop, a record knock-down bargain price of 9p for 12!

Elevation free, tea n bun and a warm catch up

29 10 2012

1. Benefits of staying in a bungalow part one: no stairs for Isla to make a dash to climb up while my back is turned.
2. A cream doughnut from the jolly baker with a cup of ‘ashford sunrise’ (dad’s own blend of tea from his tea tasting course!)
3. A warm back from dad’s new wood-burning stove while catching up with the ashford Fletchers.

Paper mountain, egg family and comedy catch-up

28 10 2012

1. In Birmingham The Sunday Times hits the mat and I still have yesterday’s Times and Guardian to read.  A drizzly day of paper reading and tea drinking. Oh and daytime naps.

2. Doris helps me make pancake batter, then she takes the rest of the eggs and draws a face and hair on them.  “This is Mummy, Daddy, Doris and Isla!” she says.

3. Watching the last of The Thick of It on catch-up. End of an era.

Fiver, free fun and balti night

27 10 2012

1. I find a fiver in a hidden pocket of the change bag.
2. Too tight to pay £50 for an hour in the science museum, we hang around the free DNA exhibition outside. It’s very good and the girls love the interactive bits. Well, Isla plays row yer boat on the stripy benches and doris takes a picture of her skin cells but fun is had by all.
3. We go out as a four to the Ladypool Road for a balti. While we wait for Mat and Doris to come back from the offy with the byo, Isla stands at the plate glass window and smiles at the passers by. One man does a backtrack and turns back to have another look.

Genius, papped and midlands arrival

26 10 2012

1. A breakfast Isla points to the cow on the milk carton and says ‘kau’.
2. Doris makes the local paper! Her class is featured ‘first day at school section’ and she is sitting cross-legged at the front of the group with a big grin on her face.
3. A swift journey to Brum and a glass of red to mark our arrival. The girls wake and play in the lounge like it’s 3.30 in the afternoon.

Coffee n crunchie, pyjama sitting and street catch up

25 10 2012

1. A coffee n fun sized crunchie combo helps enormously with the lesson planning for next term.
2. The logistical nightmare of how to pick the students up with the two girls in tow is solved by a kind friend and neighbour who takes a pyjamaed Doris in for twenty minutes while Isla and I collect.
3. Two friends from the street pop by for a drink, much to the French students’ amusement, and the next two hours pass by with great hilarity.