Bag, bogtf and Bexhill quiz

28 02 2014

1. At Bikes and Slides the organising ladies have arranged for every child to make their own cloth bag, which they will then sew together for the children to take home. Isla enjoys sticking the different bits onto her creation.
2. Buy two Easter eggs get two free at the supermarket. Now I just have to hide them so I don’t eat them ahead of time…
3. Back to Bexhill for more PTA quiz action. This time, instead of last we come a very respectable 2nd out of 13. And we get curry and chocolates to boot.


Leave, slow down and bun

27 02 2014

1. My first proper day of maternity leave and I spend it rearranging the bookcase while keeping one eye on Homes under the hammer.
2. Rather than rush in to pick Doris up from swimming at the last minute, this week I have more time and a chance to sample a carrot muffin that is offered my way.
3. A buttered hot cross bun or two.

Finish, old mcdonalds and book time

26 02 2014

1. A final swing by school to complete some GCSE assessments. The students are very sweet and it feels good to walk out at the end of the day with no books to mark.
2. Doris pops into school with me to hand over the last of my paperwork, on the promise of a visit to ‘Old mcDonalds’. She munches her nuggets while I try a frozen mango and pineapple smoothie.
3. A bath = time to catch up on some of my book.

Daffs, pebbles and thanks

25 02 2014

1. Two daffodils have popped up at the bottom of the garden, nodding their heads bravely in the wind.
2. After swimming, Isla walks up and down the pebbles again and again. It’s sunny and we’re not in a hurry so I stand and watch and let her go as many times as she wants.
3. The girl opposite comes across to thank us for posting a card through her door that had been mistakenly addressed to our house.

Drive, cottage and helping hand

24 02 2014

1. I manage to drive the new car without stalling/scraping/crashing it.
2. A letter comes through with details of the Cornish cottage we’ve booked for Easter.
3. Mat’s home in time to do stories and I am especially glad because I feel pretty tired tonight.

Spotters, success and new car

23 02 2014

1. We spot a funny green bird hopping around the field opposite. Mat rushes over with the binoculars and I get the bird book out of the cupboard – ‘a green woodpecker,’ I say, triumphantly.
2. The girls rushing towards the door as we walk through it. A successful trip all round, everyone is happy and has enjoyed themselves (even though Grandad Peter and Granny Anne will need a couple of very quiet days to recover!)
3. Driving out of Car Giant with a new car, having waved farewell to the Skoda. After the weeks of angonising, it’s all done and dusted within two hours.

Bed breakfast, windy walk and fire

22 02 2014

1. Breakfast on a tray in bed watching the blue tits.
2. The sun is out so we take the scenic route to Hay on Wye, stopping for a windy walk up the bluff.
3. After some bellows action Mat gets the camp fire going so we watch the flames curl and splutter and inch ever closer to get warm.